Sunday, April 21, 2013

KXCI Celebrates Earth Day with Music and Community Voices

April 22nd, 2013 marks the 43nd Anniversary of Earth Day. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson responded to a burgeoning environmental movement and declared April 22nd, 1970 to be Earth Day in an attempt to focus attention on environmental issues through teach ins and community events.

In honor of Earth Day, all of our regular Monday programmers will be adding their special musical earthy touch to their shows from 5am to 6pm. Earth Day will be filled with great, relevant music interspersed with spoken word segments by people from the Tucson community.

The following people stopped by the KXCI Studios to talk about their environmental work.

5:30am    Dr. Kevin Bonine Biosphere 2
6:30am    Christine Hoekenga Tucson Botanical Gardens
7:30am    Elizabeth Sparks Tucson Village Farm
8:30am    Andy Fisher Saguaro National Park
9:30am    Sergio Avila Sky Island Alliance
10:30am   Jo Falls Tohono Chul PAUSE Program
11:30am   Kevin Bonine Citizen Science
1:30pm    Kevin Bonine Sonoran Desert Discovery
2:30pm    Jo Falls Tohono Chul Reptile Ramble
3:30pm    Kevin Bonine Outreach UA College of Science Geo Tourism, Tumamoc
4:30pm    Betsey Langley Seed Library
5:30pm    Jo Falls Tohono Chul Bloom Night

I know we still have a long way to go, but I hope that you continue to be inspired to make a difference in our community to the best of your ability. Happy Earth Day!


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