Friday, January 06, 2012

Tucson Remembers January 8th

This weekend, Tucson commemorates the shocking events of January 8, 2011 with dozens of participatory events. In the days and months after January 8th, our community came together in a way it never had before. We supported each other, leaned on each other, and generally looked out for one another. The sense of togetherness was tangible.

BEYOND is a community-wide event which takes place from sun up to sun down on January 7th to commemorate the anniversary of January 8th, celebrate the spirit of togetherness we felt in the days and months afterward, and re-commit ourselves to working together to build a stronger community every day. A complete list of events is available here. 30 Minutes featured Beyond in a a recent podcast.

Remembering January 8th” is a community-wide effort that will commemorate the first anniversary of the tragic day in 2011, when U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and eighteen other citizens were shot during a public constituent event held at a Tucson shopping center. Six of the shooting victims died that day. This year, in order to honor Tucson’s response in the aftermath of this tragedy, many community and grassroots organizations have come together to provide a variety of commemorative events that will take place throughout January 2012. is the public’s source for information regarding these ongoing events throughout Tucson. This website also allows visitors to submit related events and share personal stories about the impact of January 8th on their lives.

Remembering January 8th also has a list of community resources, including mental health crisis information.


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