Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KXCI CAB Issues Survey

Please take our survey

KXCI's Community Advisory Board (CAB) has been working to establish a criteria to judge the station's performance as a community partner in the areas of public affairs programming, public service announcements, and the overall impact the station has in Southern Arizona. One of the CAB's goals is to establish a short list of the most important issues for KXCI to address - and they need your help in making this list.

At October's meeting of the KXCI Community Advisory Board, the group narrowed a suggested field of 22 issues into a list of seven issues identified as the most pressing. The CAB would now like your input in determining the relative importance of each of these issues.

Please take just a few minutes to answer a one question survey that has been created to gather your input. You do not have to leave your name or any other information.

Click here to take survey

Your opinions will help to determine a final ranking of the seven issues, and to establish one of the criteria that will be used to measure KXCI's performance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the survey.


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