Friday, June 18, 2010

KXCI 2010 Board Election Results and New Officers

The votes are in and we're proud to announce the results of the 2010 KXCI Board of Directors election.

Re-elected to the KXCI Board for full, 3-year terms are Cecily Crebbs and Keith Kanzler. They will be joined on the board by Katie Rogerson (3-year term) and Vance Sanders (1-year term).

At the annual meeting on June 17th, board members elected the four officer positions, each for a one-year term. We would like to congratulate those officers: Mary Beth Haralovich, President; Jamie Manser, Vice President; Susan Banes, Treasurer; and Cecily Crebbs, Secretary.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of two departing board members, Hank Childers, who served for five years on the board (including three years as president) and Melanie Morrison, who served four years on the board (including most recently as our vice president). The entire KXCI family owes Hank and Melanie a debt of gratitude for their leadership.


At 5:15 PM, Blogger Ask Rocco said...

a personal thanks to Hank Childers and Melanie Morrison.
Kathleen Williamson (former board member who asked them to serve).

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Ask Rocco said...

a special personal thanks to Hank and Melanie from a former board member who asked them to serve.
Kathleen Williamson


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