Monday, December 28, 2009

KXCI Community Radio: Giving Back To Our Community

At KXCI Community Radio, our deejays, staff, board and our members take pride in serving our community. It is with that pride that we share with you that during the months of October, November and December 2009, KXCI Community Radio aired 2,944 public service announcements at no cost for other non-profit organizations in our community.

This giving back by Community Radio had an estimated value more than $47,000. Additionally (but less quantifiably) KXCI also provides community service through interviews, special programs, our community calendar, by donating auction items and services, and in many other ways.

Announcements were aired for organizations running the gamut from the Community Food Bank, Luz Social Services and the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation to the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus, Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association and the Fox Tucson Theatre. For a complete list of non-profit organizations that received KXCI public service announcements in the past three months, please click on our PSA report (provided in Excel format):


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