Monday, October 19, 2009

KXCI Tucson: Basha's Shop & Give Program

KXCI is again part of the Basha's Shop & Give Program, where a percentage of every purchase you make at Basha's is donated to KXCI Community Radio.

The program runs through April 30, 2010, but it only works if you link your Basha's Thank You card with KXCI's 5-digit code. That number is 24279. And remember: even if you linked your card last year, you still need to do it again this year!

Once you have linked your card (which you can do with any cashier or at the service counter), KXCI will receive a portion of every purchase you make, excluding items like alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets.

Your Community Radio could make up to $5,000 in this campaign, so feel free to spread the word about this program to friends and family who also shop at Basha's and who also love Real People, Real Radio!
Tucson area Basha's include: 15310 North Oracle, 6900 East Sunrise, 8360 North Thornydale, 100 South Houghton, 3275 North Swan and 2000 West River.


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