Friday, March 06, 2009

Laura Gibson - Live@5 - Friday 3/6

Tune in to The Homestretch for a Live@5 performance with Laura Gibson.

Laura is a rising new voice from Portland, OR. She Has a gorgeous new album, Beast of Seasons, and will be performing Friday March, 6th at Solar Culture with Musee Mecanique and Niam Amour. Below is press description of the new album.

Beast of Seasons opens with a hum and drone, a veil of fog conjuring a sense of atmosphere not unlike the Pacific Northwest coastal timber town where Laura Gibson was raised. A plaintive strum emerges with a voice in tow; a candle, a tender and flickering wisp of a voice suffusing the space with a warm glow. Coos and cracks, chirps and slurs, clucks and purrs all come into focus with perceptive musicality. Laura Gibson alights on a branch of the music tree that no one else has found. Written from a room in a house overlooking the mossy gravestones and mature maples of one of Portland's oldest cemeteries, Gibson draws on anatomical imagery (words like bones, skin, tongue, and spine appear multiple times), and updates the pastoral imagery of Appalachian folk and country blues idioms with the landscape of the body. Perhaps, more than anything, Gibson's songs might be quiet reflections of the human body, reflections both of strength, and of frailty. With Beasts of Seasons, Gibson offers up an intimate affirmation of mortality, both vulnerable and courageous, dark and illuminating, ordinary and extraordinary.


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