Friday, January 02, 2009

#10 Album of 2008 - Ray Davies' Working Man's Cafe

Each of the next 10 days, we'll be profling one of the 10 most played albums of 2008. Up first at #10, Working Man's Cafe by Ray Davies.

This album is available for purchase at by following the link below; part of your purchase price is sent to KXCI to support our community radio station.


Favorite tracks by KXCI Deejays:
#6 Peace in Our Time
#8 Imaginary Man
#9 One More Time

"There's polish, but the guitars and rhythms jump, there's a vitality to the performances and the songs themselves bristle with contemporary headlines, bearing references to the vanishing middle class, internet isolation, and New Orleans, the site of both Hurricane Katrina and where Davies was shot and hospitalized after defending a female friend from a mugger. Ever the contrarian, Davies doesn't dwell on his own troubles, they're weaved into part of a tapestry of vignettes of a world gone awry." -


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