Sunday, November 23, 2008

KXCI Board Committes - Your Participation Welcome!

KXCI Board of Director Committees
The KXCI Board of Directors is consciously migrating toward a model where the work of the Board is more and more done by designated board committees. The official Board meeting will continue to be the place where official Board actions are taken when appropriate, but the planning and preparation will typically be done in committee sessions. These committees, with the exception of Finance and Personnel, are open to participation by non-Board members. Committee membership must be approved by the Board, but the Board is especially interested in significantly expanding membership to include the whole KXCI community.

Below are the committees, including the meeting schedule, membership, and contact information for the committee chairs.

Board Development - recruit appointed members to the Board; orient and train elected and appointed board members; document board roles.
Schedule: 7:00 pm; Tuesday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Melanie Morrison,, Vice-Chair, Susan Banes, Hank Childers, Ron Cipriani, John Kosa

Bylaws - Provide “expert” knowledge on KXCI bylaws; review any proposed changes.
Schedule: Meet as necessary.
Members: Chair, Kelzi Cold Thunder,, Vice-Chair, Hardy Smith, Susan Banes, Michael Wyman

Election - Design and oversee the annual election process.
Schedule: 6:00 pm; Monday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Ron Cipriani,, Vice-Chair, Don Copler, Kali Holtschlag, Melanie Morrison

Finance - Oversee finances of KXCI; review and present financial information at Board meetings; oversee budget; restricted to KXCI Board members.
Schedule: 6:00 pm; Tuesday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Susan Banes,, Vice-Chair, open, Hank Childers

Fundraising/Events - Work with KXCI staff and others on planning and conducting fundraising activities and KXCI events.
Schedule: 6:00 pm, second Monday of the month.
Members: Chair, John Kosa,, Vice-Chair, open, Mary Buckley, Cecily Crebbs, Corbin Dooley

Personnel - Develop and oversee employee policies and procedures; advise on personnel matters; restricted to KXCI Board members.
Schedule: TBD
Members: Chair, Hardy Smith,, Vice-Chair, Mary Buckley, Michael Wyman

Strategic Plan Implementation - Oversee implementation of the KXCI Strategic Plan.
Schedule: Tuesday before the Tuesday just prior to the Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Hank Childers,, ,Vice-Chair, Carol Tornow, Ron Cipriani, Kelzi Cold Thunder


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