Thursday, November 27, 2008

Calexico Tickets Go On Sale Fri. Nov.28 @ Rialto

We are truly thankful that Calexico and Friends will be performing at the Rialto Theatre on Monday, December 29 in a KXCI benefit show. What a treat! Plan on hearing some your favorite songs...and expect the unexpected. I mean, these guys have some pretty amazing friends.
Tickets for this all ages event go on sale at the Rialto Theatre on Friday, November 28. The box office is open Monday through Friday, noon to 6pm. You can give them a ring at 520-740-1000. Or you could buy your tickets on line with a few simple clicks... Come on out and be a part of a remarkably memorable evening while supporting KXCI Community Radio.

$19 general admission advance
$21 general admission day of show
$26 reserve seated balcony
* prices may be subject to service fees

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

KXCI Board Committes - Your Participation Welcome!

KXCI Board of Director Committees
The KXCI Board of Directors is consciously migrating toward a model where the work of the Board is more and more done by designated board committees. The official Board meeting will continue to be the place where official Board actions are taken when appropriate, but the planning and preparation will typically be done in committee sessions. These committees, with the exception of Finance and Personnel, are open to participation by non-Board members. Committee membership must be approved by the Board, but the Board is especially interested in significantly expanding membership to include the whole KXCI community.

Below are the committees, including the meeting schedule, membership, and contact information for the committee chairs.

Board Development - recruit appointed members to the Board; orient and train elected and appointed board members; document board roles.
Schedule: 7:00 pm; Tuesday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Melanie Morrison,, Vice-Chair, Susan Banes, Hank Childers, Ron Cipriani, John Kosa

Bylaws - Provide “expert” knowledge on KXCI bylaws; review any proposed changes.
Schedule: Meet as necessary.
Members: Chair, Kelzi Cold Thunder,, Vice-Chair, Hardy Smith, Susan Banes, Michael Wyman

Election - Design and oversee the annual election process.
Schedule: 6:00 pm; Monday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Ron Cipriani,, Vice-Chair, Don Copler, Kali Holtschlag, Melanie Morrison

Finance - Oversee finances of KXCI; review and present financial information at Board meetings; oversee budget; restricted to KXCI Board members.
Schedule: 6:00 pm; Tuesday just prior to Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Susan Banes,, Vice-Chair, open, Hank Childers

Fundraising/Events - Work with KXCI staff and others on planning and conducting fundraising activities and KXCI events.
Schedule: 6:00 pm, second Monday of the month.
Members: Chair, John Kosa,, Vice-Chair, open, Mary Buckley, Cecily Crebbs, Corbin Dooley

Personnel - Develop and oversee employee policies and procedures; advise on personnel matters; restricted to KXCI Board members.
Schedule: TBD
Members: Chair, Hardy Smith,, Vice-Chair, Mary Buckley, Michael Wyman

Strategic Plan Implementation - Oversee implementation of the KXCI Strategic Plan.
Schedule: Tuesday before the Tuesday just prior to the Thursday Board meeting.
Members: Chair, Hank Childers,, ,Vice-Chair, Carol Tornow, Ron Cipriani, Kelzi Cold Thunder

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Starrtracks Wavelab 10th Anniversary celebration- 11/24

Join host Laurie Starr on this Monday's Starrtracks with guests Craig Schumacher and Nick Luca.  Craig is celebrating 10 years of Wavelab recordings with such artists as Neko Case, Calexico, Giant Sand, Devotchka, Steve Wynn, Luca, Richard Buckner, Iron and Wine, Ladybug Transistor... the list goes on and on.  Craig is the owner of Wavelab.  He and Nick both engineer the recording.  They are also both multi-instrumentalists.  

Join Starrtracks this Monday from 6-8 pm.  Craig will be bringing in a comprehensive representation of the evolution of Wavelab recordings. It will be a great night of music.  

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Janet Napolitano Recognizes KXCI for 25 Years of Community Broadcasting

Who knows how much longer Janet Napolitano will be governor of Arizona? However, she recently recognized KXCI for our 25th Anniversary. Here is the text below.
Be it hereby known to all that I, Janet Napolitano, Governor of the State of Arizona do hereby offer my sincere congratulations to KXCI Community Radio on the occasion of your 25th Anniversary.
You are dedicated to providing alternative radio service to the people of Tucson and Southern Arizona by supporting creativity in broadcasting and enhancing development of the arts and culture of Tucson and its surrounding communities.
Best wishes for success in all anniversary events and in all future endeavors.
November 14, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Local Folk - Live@5's

Three great local folk groups are performing in our Local Folk for Local Folk concert Saturday November 22nd, 7pm at the Berger Center. Roth D’Lux, Amber Norgaard & Sabra Faulk and Jo Wilkinson and Grains of Sand will be performing at the concert as well as stopping by for Live@5’s during the week.
Tuesday it's
Amber Norgaard & Sabra Faulk, Wednesday listen for Roth D'Lux and Friday Jo Wilkinson and Grains of Sand will be in.
Tune in to The Homestretch to hear a preview of their Saturday night Benefit concert for KXCI's 25th Anniversary. Follow the link to pick up your tickets for the Local Folk for Local Folk concert.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Tabasco Road Zydeco Special

Comment tu fait les Zydeco?

(What is Zydeco?)

The answer to this and more can be had
this coming Sunday (November 9th)
from 6 until 8 pm
on a very special Tabasco Road.

So send out the invites, put away the breakables,
roll up the rugs and join me, the Desert Duke,
for a Zydeco Fais Deaux Deaux.

Allons danser, KXCI! Allons danser, KXCI!
Allons danser, KXCI, pour faire fâché le directeur!

C'est pas tout l'monde qui connais les Zydeco,
pendant le directeur est pas là, allons danser Zydeco!

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