Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's One Cup Of Java Challenge

Thursday's One Cup of Java Challenge:
45 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In 1999, a panel of 137 scholars of American speech declared it the best speech of the 20th century. One American – not Martin Luther King – had two different speeches in the Top 5 on the survey. Your One Cup question this morning: name that speaker.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR's 1933’s first inaugural address and his December 8, 1941 declaration of war on Japan were #3 and #4 on the scholars' list. At spot #2 was JFK’s 1961 inagural address, #5 is Barbara Jordan’s keynote address at the 1976 Democratic convention.

Keep reading for the top 25:

1 "I Have a Dream" Martin Luther King, Jr.
28 Aug 1963 Washington, DC

2 Inaugural Address John F. Kennedy
20 Jan 1961 Washington, DC

3 First Inaugural Address Franklin D. Roosevelt
4 Mar 1933 Washington, DC

4 War Message ("A Date which Will Live in Infamy") Franklin D. Roosevelt
8 Dec 1941 Washington, DC

5 Keynote Speech to the Democratic National Convention Barbara Jordan
12 July 1976 New York, NY

6 "My Side of the Story" ("Checkers") Richard M. Nixon
23 Sept 1952 Los Angeles, CA

7 "The Ballot or the Bullet" Malcolm X
3 Apr 1964 Cleveland, OH

8 Address to the Nation on the Challenger Disaster Ronald Reagan
28 Jan 1986 Washington, DC

9 Speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association John F. Kennedy
12 Sept 1960 Houston, TX

10 Address to Congress on the Voting Rights Act ("We Shall Overcome")
Lyndon B. Johnson 15 Mar 1965 Washington, DC

11 Keynote Speech to the Democratic National Convention ("A Tale of Two Cities") Mario Cuomo 17 July 1984 San Francisco, CA

12 Speech at the Democratic National Convention ("The Rainbow Coalition") Jesse Jackson
17 July 1984 San Francisco, CA

13 Statement on the Articles of Impeachment Barbara Jordan
25 July 1974 Washington, DC

14 Farewell Address to Congress ("Old Soldiers Never Die") Douglas MacArthur
19 Apr 1951 Washington, DC

15 "I've Been to the Mountaintop" Martin Luther King, Jr.
3 Apr 1968 Memphis, TN

16 "The Man with the Muckrake" Theodore Roosevelt
14 Apr 1906 Washington, DC

17 Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy
4 Apr 1968 Indianapolis, IN

18 Farewell Address Dwight D. Eisenhower
17 Jan 1961 Washington, DC

19 War Message ("The World Must Be Made Safe for Democracy") Woodrow Wilson
2 Apr 1917 Washington, DC

20 Farewell Address at the U.S. Military Academy ("Duty, Honor, Country") Douglas MacArthur
12 May 1962 West Point, NY

21 Address to the Nation on the War in Vietnam ("The Great Silent Majority") Richard M. Nixon 3 Nov 1969 Washington, DC

22 "Ich bin ein Berliner" John F. Kennedy
26 June 1963 West Berlin, Germany

23 Plea for Mercy at the Trial of Leopold and Loeb Clarence Darrow
22, 23, and 25 Aug 1924 Chicago, IL

24 "Acres of Diamonds" Russell Conwell
1900-1925 Delivered at many spots across the U.S.

25 Televised Speech on Behalf of Barry Goldwater ("A Time for Choosing") Ronald Reagan
27 Oct 1964 Los Angeles, CA


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