Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tracy Shedd's Cigarette and Smoke Machines (Teenbeat)

I have a little secret to tell you. There is a band in town that relatively few people seem to have discovered. They are not only good, but they are world-class good. The band is Tracy Shedd, fronted by Tracy Shedd (vocals), with James Tritten on lead guitar, Becca Hummer on electric bass, and Tasha Sabatino on drums.

Tracy Shedd has a new album out called "Cigarettes and Smoke Machines." I was able to get an advance copy last weekend, and I have been listen to it ever since, sometimes while dancing in my living room. The album was recorded right here in Tucson at Craig Schumacher's Wavelab Studio.

This is smart pop, pop music in the best sense of the word. The most prominent feature of the music is Tracy Shedd's smooth, melodic vocals. There is something calming about her voice, something reassuring. The lyrics are based on conversations and describe everyday situations. "Whatever it takes, don't let them break you down. And whatever it takes, don't let them talk to you this way." sings Tracy Shedd.

Tracy Shedd's smooth delivery is juxtaposed by James Tritten's exuberant electric guitar, played on a black Fender Telecaster that delivers that crunchy surf sound. James Tritten's guitar lead is another voice. His guitar sings along with Tracy, harmonizes, and then at times takes its own way only to meld seamlessly once again with Tracy's steady vocals.

Tracy Shedd has assembled Tucson's finest with Becca Hummer on electric bass, and Tasha Sabatino on Drums. There is chemistry on stage between these four fine Tucson musicians. They are having fun, doing what they love. The only thing missing right now is a solid fan base, and I have a feeling that is soon to follow. The album has just been released to radio stations around the country and the excellent reviews and blogs are already rolling in.

The album "Cigarettes and Smoke Machines" will be released in October, 2008 and there will be a true CD release party at Club Congress. If you want to get a preview of their songs, listen in to Locals Only at 91.3FM KXCI on Monday, July 21st at 8pm and I will be sure to play one song. Or, you can visit Tracy Shedd's Myspace Page. Tracy Shedd will play live on Sunday, July 27th at Plush, opening for touring musician Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide (Nashville, TN).

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