Monday, July 07, 2008

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, Win Some Concert Tickets For Me

Monday's One Cup of Java Challenge:
A legendary solo recording artist in his own right, Leon Russell has also recorded with many other artists, and often on their hit songs. Your One Cup challenge this morning: Leon Russell, under a pseudonym, played piano on a song that became a #1 hit in 1965, was the first #1 hit for the band that recorded it, was one of only two #1’s they’d ever have, and was a cover of a Bob Dylan song. Your challenge this morning: based on the clues provided - name that band, name that song.

The Byrd’s Mr. Tambourine Man

Leon Russell is in concert Wednesday night, July 9th at the Fox Tucson Theatre downtown. Learn more at their website ( Your final chance to win tickets to see Leon is Tuesday morning on the One Cup of Java Challenge at 8:20am.


At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, Win some Taylor Swift concert tickets for me. I am a HUGE fan and i would love to get some tickets. Help Please!


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