Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekly Album Features

This week's deejay picks on two of your favorites, Your Morning Brew (7-10am) and The Home Stretch (3-6pm):

GLOBAL EXPRESS (7:20am on Your Morning Brew)
Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza
This Portland, Oregon native records the music she finds inspring, Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz. The multi-talented youngster (23 years old, and already a professor!) sings in English, Spanish and Portugese, while also playing bass, setting her own arrangements, and producing this album, her second full-length offering. The various tracks evoke folks ranging from Milton Nasciemento to Ella Fitzgerald.

FEATURED ALBUM OF THE WEEK (8:20am on Your Morning Brew)
Duffy, Rockferry
We'll leave this description to our own Bob Girth, host of Monday night's The Hub on KXCI, who made this album his featured choice on Your Morning Brew a few weeks back: "Stax/Motown influenced pop sound, with a neo-soul voice that is more Dusty Springfield than Amy Winehouse - these are strong songs, consistent and confident."

PICK OF THE WEEK (4:00pm on The Home Stretch)
Amos Lee, Last Days at the Lodge
Some folks know Amos Lee because he opened for Bob Dylan for most of one of Dylan's tours a couple of summers ago. Other folks know Amos Lee because of "Sweet Pea," a song on his album that was featured 7 billion times in a cell phone commercial (Sweet Pea, you're the apple of my eye... yeah, you know the song we're talking about). At KXCI, we know Amos Lee because he makes damn fine albums that cross a Bill Withers soul sensibility with Norah Jones-esque pop. Enjoy this Philly native's newest album, his third release on Blue Note.


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