Sunday, June 22, 2008


Due to repair work by other stations that share space with KXCI's transmitter on Mount Bigelow, we have had to reduce power to about 20% during the daylight hours, beginning Sunday, June 22nd at 7am.

This power reduction significantly impacts your ability to hear KXCI on many receivers, especially those radios in homes and offices. Car radios are generally less impacted, although car radio listeners will also notice the change.

Work on the mountain is expected to last one to two weeks, with daily power downs between roughly 7am and 5pm.

KXCI continues to offer free webstreaming at (click "Listen Live") that has not been impacted by the cut in power.

Additionally, this may be the perfect time for you to explore another way to receive KXCI in your home. If you are a Cox or Comcast cable subscriber, please flip your TV dial to Access Tucson public access television (channels 98/99/120 on Cox; 72/73/74 on Comcast). Using your SAP audio feature, you should be able to listen to KXCI through your television set. Each TV and audio set-up is a little different (some remote controls have SAP buttons, others require you to go to audio setup, for example) but with a little effort you should be able to find the radio station you love, compliments of our friends at Access Tucson.

We will post further updates on the power down situation as they become known. Thank you for your patience over the coming days!


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