Friday, May 23, 2008

Want to make a difference to KXCI?

Want to make a difference to KXCI? ... click here to add your input!

The strategic planning committee that is looking at the future of KXCI is about to pull together the input they have received from staff, members, volunteers and the community at large. They have identified 10 big challenges facing KXCI that they want to address in the plan. If you have input on the direction the station should go in any of these areas, this is a great chance to let them know before a preliminary plan is drafted and presented to the Board. You will also get a chance to review and comment on the draft plan once it is developed, but NOW is the time to get your ideas into their up-front thinking.

click here to add your input!

Here are the 10 key challenges that the planning committee is looking at:

#1. Growing KXCI’s signal strength and coverage

#2. Sustaining the enthusiastic support of KXCI’s current listeners and members

#3. Increasing the active participation of KXCI’s members and listeners, including sustaining and growing membership

#4. Distinguishing KXCI as Tucson’s community radio station.

#5. Defining KXCI’s role and ensuring its relevancy to the Tucson community

#6. Reaching out to and engaging more of Tucson’s diverse populations

#7. Increasing KXCI’s underwriting and funding support

#8. Establishing an ongoing and inclusive process for determining KXCI’s program content and focus

#9. Responding to technological advancements, including competing music mediums and the impact of digital radio

#10. Ensuring that KXCI has the organizational strength, capabilities and resources to fulfill its Mission, live by its core Values, and achieve its Vision in the years ahead

again: click here to add your input!

Thanks for you ideas and your commitment to KXCI!


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