Monday, May 05, 2008

Strategic Plan Comments

What does Community Radio mean to you and what should our priorities be for the future?

Please leave your comments below.

~ KXCI Strategic Planning Committee


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just bought a new radio, and, alas, I can't get KXCI anymore. Could this be because my other favorite stations are now broadcasting in hi-def, and KXCI isn't there yet?

If you're not there yet, I'd suggest making that a priority. Although I'm currently listening to the iTunes stream, I'd like to get you on the radio again.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, about that mission statement....

I have long wondered where this mission statement came from. How can an organization whose primary function is to provide radio programming to the community not mention that in its mission statement????

Currently, the mission of KXCI is to "serve the media public of Southern Arizona by raising the awareness of KXCI and our community; increasing our listening audience; and expanding and enhancing community interaction." Isn't there something missing here? You could easily, and perhaps more effectively, accomplish all of these things without even turning on the transmitter.

This sounds like a mission statement for a support group for the station or a marketing firm. Isnt there any part of the mission of KXCI that involves developing creative radio programming that meets the needs of its listening audience by providing music, community affairs, etc? Is it part of the mission of the station to include community members in the process?

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think KXCI is halfway to its strategic goal: future thinking and innovative music for progressive people. The Kidd Squidd, electronic Fridays and Democracy Now are good indicators of this strategy. Music that appeals to young people is a good indicator, as are programs for progressive minded people. I urge you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater when rethinking KXCI's strategy, although less country and bluegrass might be a goal. Too many country hicks and hillbillies do not do justice to a high-minded organization. For proof, watch Deliverance. Thanks for giving us the chance to provide input and keep up the good work!

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do not change most of your programming. Your Morning Brew, Petey Mesquitey, The Chill, The Music Mix, Rubys road house, halftime at the apocalypse, Rosies rythm, onda suave, sabor del barrio, Locals Only, Dr Dans upcoming shows, Kidd Squid and the Blues review.

Democracy Now is irritating and gets in the way of Great music and great variety (which is what KXCI means in my mind). But someone has to play Democracy Now, i guess, free speech and all. I just don't find that show to be of much value as the topics discussed can be found in other places with less bias and whining. When it comes on I switch off KXCI and move to my iPod or some such.

If this is a funding issue (the wife and I donate) why not have more varied fundraisers instead of just the membership drive? Get with local bands and/or places like Congress or with the City and take over a park and setup shows and festivals where you can bring in artists and sell booze and food to raise cash. I'd do my part and eat and drink to kxci's benefit. Get local businesses to donate items to raffle. Maybe you are doing this already and i'm just not aware of it.

If this is just about a redesign of KXCI for the sake of it, I would suggest against it. I think you have something unique going on. This radio station is one of the last homey feeling stations I know of. I include streaming internet stations and XM radio as well in that survey.

I love the variety, the actual People talking and doing the programming. The occasional mistakes that the DJs make remind me of being young when ALL radio stations had actual people there. Between the people and the local focus it connects people like me to the station

I'm just a jackass so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt, but things like 'strategic planning' and 'redefine the mission, vision, and values' sounds a lot like corporate bullshit buzzwords. I've had to sit through many meetings at various jobs where things like that get said. What i've learned in those situations is to be wary of anyone using those words since they have no real meaning and in many cases get thrown around when people are wanting to look good, busy and as if they are promoting progress.

A bit of a rant but you asked. :)

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more variety with electronica, classical and jazz included. Little to no country & western is also desirable. It seems now that certain DJs mixes include a lot of country and or folk music while others include a lot of old rock. Perhaps shifting some of the scheduled time to alternate weeks rather than the same program weekly would be a good variation. Underground music and music from other countries are also themes I'd enjoy more of along with what used to be a regular program - Brainwaves. Maybe some live concerts.

During the fund raising, music seems to come out of the woodwork and is more enjoyable than what's delivered normally. Morning Brew is great with Jim Blackwood as he truly mixes up an eclectic selection. Can't say I like when others substitute for him - sorry, but Randy Pederson plays too much country and local stuff for my taste. Democracy Now is really great at the lunch time hour.


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like KXCI pretty much just as it is. I do miss the variety of having more music mixers rather than the longer Morning Brew and Home Stretch. Other than that, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love KXCI exactly as it is! I am open to some changes too but I really, really hope you keep the kids DJ camp. My son Nathan has been looking forward to attending for several years now and is finally old enough to participate this summer. If there is an issue of enrollment we will help you recruit additional students. Public radio will be a critical tool for bringing about future social change, but only if we train the next generation. Please let us know of there is anything we can do to further support this critical program.

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be great if KXCI takes a lead in empowering youth to use the media of radio. You've been doing this through your camps--keep them! Keep Democracy Now!, keep world music, Latino (beyond Mexican) music, folk music (beyond Country-Western)--these are hard to find on mainstream radio. Thanks!

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing in support of continuing the DJ camp for kids this summer. I teach a developmental course at the UA and was happy to promote KXCI to my students (a few weeks ago I played Tinariwen's Cler Achel for them, a song I was lucky enough to first hear on Global Rhythm Radio :). I believe that early introduction to community radio is integral to promoting "community" and I'm hoping that the strategic plan adopted includes continued opportunities, like the DJ camp, for listeners of all ages.
Thanks for the opportunity to give input.

At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

less heavy metal late at night remembering to have the web streaming on late at night hope the focus will continue to be music would like to be able to listen to programs over the web on demand-- log on,select from the previous day or week,and listen. good luck with the vision thing

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one thing in particular I would greatly appreciate. This would be KXCI's ability to transmit data to those radios with the capability of receiving and displaying the artist name and title of song.

I greatly appreciate this feature on other local channels.

Aside from this minor, but important [to me] improvement, all I ask is that you keep on doing what you're doing (which is a wonderful job)

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more of "the chill" type hour at night- also have you considered adding steven hills show "hearts of space"?--(international amibient music)? they play it on kuat on sun night at 11pm(too late). i'm not sure if this is the kind of feedback you're looking for. but thanks for reading.

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see a bit more Jazz in the overall mix, especially since KUAZ doesn't have daytime jazz anymore. But infinitely more importantly I would like to see your coverage expanded to include the North and West. You can go at least halfway to New Mexico or Old Mexico and still get KXCI. But go North of River Rd and forget it. When your coverage expands to include me I will happily become a member of your great station but as long as I am excluded I feel I have no choice but to refrain from contributions to your station. And don't refer me to web-streaming, it doesn't fill the bill for me. Thank you for this opportunity to provide input.

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A station I can receive more than half the year! I live in Sierra Vista and by a fortunate antenna location I can hear the station during the cold months. Devote maximum effort to getting the antenna off Mt. Bigelow.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radio formatting that encompasses a wide variety of interests and genres continued. Would love to see Sunday programming at the same high levels as Saturday programming. Put the jaz show on a weekday evening, or Sunday evening. Can the slightly off center interest programming for Sunday afternoon. A lot of dials are turned off by that program. Also in the political/idea realm, you need to be as diverse as your musical tastes. The political orientation of this station excludes half the populace you serve with it's far leftist orientation. Why you're not as diverse politically as musically is a mystery. Is diversity in political thought somehow not acceptable to this station? Why exlude a broader perspective that includes all sides politically, including the conservative?

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more "music mix" during the day, or at least a severely reduced "mix." Instead, use the time for national and local news (something sorely lacking on KXCI), and perhaps even a daily one- or two-hour
talk show. (Yerkey would be a good choice as the host for such a show.)

Failing that, at least a real music mix during the day -- i.e., one featuring many different genres rather than the usual bland "mix" of pop and folk.

It would also be good to have a real jazz program sometime during the week. Maybe on Friday night in place of the electronica. (KXCI used to have a great one called "The Ragged Edge," or something like that.)Best regards

At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have three main ideas when I think of improvements to KXCI, I feel they
are important.

--I think more shows featuring only world music are a must!

--Democracy now should be repeated in the evening at some point each night for those of us that can't listen to it during the day due to work, and can't always access a computer for the podcast.

--Electro Friday nights should end at 2am not at midnight and when it ends it should not be followed by Dead Air. It is the wrong timing for a show like Dead Air to come on at the pinnacle of Friday night, when people are generally out and theres lots of energy. At midnight the momentum that Digital Empire builds is abruptly stopped. I think extending the programs on Electro Friday nights especially Digital Empire and following them up with something more in tune with electronic music and partying would be more enjoyable. Move Dead Air to a more appropriate time on Sunday or during the

That is all. I listen to KXCI all day long, you all do a great job and truly are the last bastion of real music left on local FM radio, you keep us sane, thank you.

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of the previous comments were received on line prior to March 7. If you sent something and don't see it before this post please try again. If you posted something between March 7 and today please also try again, that information may have been lost.

Due to concerns about privacy the names of authors were omitted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for taking the time to give your input. There are a lot of great programming ideas comming in and we value that input very much.

In terms of Strategic Planning, we also really want to hear about the bigger picture for the whole organization - in other words the question(s) "What does community radio mean to you and what should our priorities be for the future?"

Thanks again,
Kali Holtschlag
member Community Advisory Board
member Strategic Planning Committee
and most important, member KXCI

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the several comments suggesting that KXCI's most important contribution is carrying programming that is not easily found elsewhere. So, Democracy Now is an emphatic yes!, and conservative viewpoints an emphatic no! These can be found in many, many other places (try any Clear Channel station), and I very much doubt that KXCI's general audience is interested in hearing more hot air from the Limbaugh/Ingraham/Savage contingent. More, not less, public affairs programming, not limited to just Sunday afternoons. Music will obviously continue to be the backbone of the station, but it definitely needs to be broken up with some thoughtful, progressive (not whiny) shows. These require more work, of course, than playing music, and that makes things more difficult, but it's worthwhile.

At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it is important for KXCI to embrace the concept of "community radio" and do away with the paid programmers and playlists. Let the community volunteers who are willing to devote their time to the station select their own music. The daytime music mixes were much more interesting in the old days before paid staff took over to give the station a consistent "sound" aimed at generating higher ratings.

Of course, the use of paid programmers and playlists has implications that go far beyond the sound of the music. Is KXCI really a "community radio" station or is it actually a commercial wannabe?

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”?
Bring the world to Tucson
Introduce the community to itself
Follow the spirit of the Communications act of 1934: The radio spectrum belongs to the people
“More than audio outlets, volunteer-based community radio stations are cultural institutions in their communities, reflecting the unique concerns and passions of the people who live there. With a system of governance based on openness and collaboration, and diverse programming produced by volunteers and funded by listeners, these stations are cornerstones of participatory democracy, offering ordinary citizens the chance to exercise First Amendment rights in a mass medium and audiences the opportunity to directly support the programming that is of importance to them." -Grassroots Radio Coalition
How I want KXCI to be ==>> I hear KXCI playing the sounds no other radio station plays. I hear diverse, unusual music from all over the world as well as from right here in southern Arizona. I hear all genres and styles, old favorites and fresh new releases creatively programmed by enthusiastic volunteers. I hear drama and comedy. I hear little repetition and no evidence of rotations or playlists. I hear human voices that no one else airs. I listen to the members of our community who have little chance to speak and be heard. Artists and local musicians, social and political activists, workers and their organizers, aboriginal peoples, disabled citizens and the glbt community, local small business owners, non-profits, young and old, incarcerated people, the homeless and migrants of all origins. Religions and cultures of all kinds. I hear in-depth discussions of science and politics, social justice and economics, maybe even a farm report! We are the place to listen and be heard.
I feel welcomed and respected by the organization as a member, listener and participant, as do the volunteers, programmers and employees. KXCI operates as a transparent, responsible, accountable, and inclusive organization. It recognizes the contributions of all of its parts. It embraces criticism and dissent as essential parts of monitoring structure and function. It is both supported and governed by the community itself, being truly representative of those it serves. I feel encouraged to participate in all facets of the station. KXCI follows simple, clear policy designed to foster all of these values in a fair and consistent manner.
Community radio should be fun, creative, educational, stimulating, inclusive, enlightening, empowering, informative, surprising, activating, and entertaining.

At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?
World Music
Airing Folk and Blues Fests
Electro Friday Nights
any good informational programming
World Music
can you tell?
Blues and News (Democracy Now Jim Hightower)
Democracy Now
30 minutes

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?

No more apologizing for our community! Stop thinking of Tucson as a small Austin and start thinking of Austin as a small Tucson
Stay focused on lifelong learning
Mission statement say serving comm's of S AZ - who is that? Yaqui, Navajo ~
Broadcast the Tucson city Council! & these townhalls
More music, less talk
More Radical Talk, Slightly Less Music
Short info alternative news (left radical) throughout programming would keep me listening through the music

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?

Drive time in PM
Only to Democracy Now
6 AM - 10 PM
Thursday pm, Sat all day
In the car & the blues Show

At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?

Democracy Now
local music
no commercials!
music no one else plays - music off the grid
opportunity for listener sponsors
depth of knowledge of DJ's -
Matt Moon
Michael Hyatt (retired)
Volunteer DJ's
specialty shows
Play Local Music!

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as we plan for the future?

More "bandwidth" to fill
Make sure we're LEGAL - fiscally responsible
good infrastructure
stay focused on lifelong learning
keep doing a great job
more than one station to expand programming
Finances stay strong
Cultivate younger, broader audience, members
professional grant writers? legal and financial stability

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you switch to another radio station?

too much talk
rambling interviews
listen to Garrison Keillor on KUAZ
bad music
turn off Amy Goodman
I turn off most your music programs
short - top of the hour news.
we could: DM - mini prog???

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?

Specialty shows
democracy now
local programs (Amanda's 30 Minutes + View from off center)
local musicians
Specialty music shows
music mix good let the DJ's run with their knowledge
special programming - Calexico, Folk Festival BC, Around the World in 80 Songs

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of?

Political talk ... "shorts"
more Americana + honky tonk NOT on commercial stations
more diverse music mix - too college rock - oriented
ditto ditto (and a check mark - editor)
- project vote smart
- interview local book authors
- more coop w. Tucson Weekly
Turning DJs loose to explore depth of knowledge
I 2nd that
+ 2nd that!
mini-interview man on the street - perhaps on a current issue? from public meetings?
more news & info - alternative to the usual drone of right-center shit
for local news/info what about tapping into Access Tucson?
ad Pacifica Radio news - at least 1/2 hour
mix more global in music mix
Public Affairs

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your $.02 - please add your own comments

Tucson Needs Radical Left talk
Just Play the Music!
K.I.S.S. keep it simply songs
I [heart] KXCI

[ed: following is copied from a paper taped to one page - seems to be answers to questions, but not in quite the same order - maybe from website?]

1. americana: tues eve and some of saturday
2. eclectic, unique
3. more outreach @ more events, not just the ones we have been doing for years; some new ones
4. keep it eclectic and run by volunteers NOT PAID programmers
5. in my car
6. too much talk!!! like when squidd goes on and on and on ERGGG
7. spontaneous "live" music/interviews
8. the specialty shows (where there is complete FREEDOM of choice in music)
9. things like the special we did during the last pledge drive where we did the top 913 albums chosen by dj's; that is UNIQUE and different, and fun to listen to!!
10. 10-12 hrs a wk
11. in my car on the way home, week-days, and saturdays running errands daytime; turn it off wen marty comes on, do not like his ego!
12. female
13. yes/current member
14. 85705 - NW

At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? Interesting music, both new music that I am not familiar with and familiar music that I enjoy. I usually gravitate toward the shows (and deejays) that I know I am most likely to enjoy based on experience. I do not listen to the station's public affairs programs at all. However I believe many of the station's “most meaningful” programs are not the ones I listen to...

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Independent and locally-based; commercial-free music and public affairs programming primarily supported by listeners.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? A lot. More diversity to look/sound more like Tucson. More outreach, more support for community groups and events. Better reception Bigger impact on local music. Larger audience. Less bad deejays.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? In the car and at my desk at work. Never at home (bad reception, too tired, lack of interest). I listen at work primarily to make sure things are going OK, when I try to listen too much I get distracted. It's preset #1 in the car and is usually what I have on unless I'm trying to review a CD, or if I switch to get sports scores.

What makes you switch to another radio station? Too much talk and/or music that is too weird or too genre-specific (especially music mixes). I also switch when I am looking for sports information; for example, I know ESPN does updates at :00, :20, and :40 after the hour. I usually switch right back after that.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Offer opportunity – to musicians, to local music, to deejays, to community groups, to under-recognized voices.

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Fiscal solvency and growth.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? Most forms of music especially AAA, Americana and Blues.

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? KXCI should remain primarily a music station. We might be able to incorporate news headlines, etc., but I believe it would be a mistake to become too much of a talk station.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I envision a station that has considerably more input from the public - a station that is run by and for the people. This would mean a station that encourages/demands/requires input from listeners and members beyond financial support. This input and participation should apply to governance, administration and programming.

Of course, the stickler here is how to accomplish this broad goal. One strategic element that has been missing at the station is to use the airwaves to encourage and implement this participation and change in administrative philosophy. When I used to listen to KXCI several years ago, it was EXTREMELY rare to hear any discussion of KXCI matters on air.

There are two objectives that I believe should be strongly considered within this planning process: 1) The long-deferred goal of establishing service to the northwest side of Tucson should be pursued rigorously. This is too large a segment of population to exclude from the station's audience. This objective was part of the strategic plan when I was a programmer in 2001, yet, to my understanding, it still has not been accomplished. 2) If, as I understand, a good portion of the daytime programming is conducted by paid employees, these shows should be converted to volunteer programmers. In my opinion, this violates the concept of community radio and wastes the station's assets, both financial and human. Whenever I have informed listeners of this fact, they are usually surprised, dumbfounded, or outraged. There are too many willing volunteer programmers out there to shut the door on this valuable community input.

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Real News ie New York Times, Chicago, Tribune Wall Street Journal environmental base or not
in addition to more music time

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A poll of progressive democrats indicates that Amy Goodman needs to be on later 3-7:00 pm weekdays

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Americana at KXCI's core. It's what firs hooked me around 14 years ago when I first came across 91.3, and it's why I became a member. For a while now though, I've had to look elsewhere for “the Sound Track To My Life” You must be working on somebody else's soundtrack right now? My dream station (at least for the music mix) would be 3 or 4 Americana, 1 world music, 3 or 4 Americana, 1 request, 3 or 4 Americana, 1 Electronica (or not), 3 or 4 Americana...You get my drift. Thx for the chance to give you my input.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? NA

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Hard to select just one

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? Boost the signal and go digital – my digital radio can get [can 't read, could be call letters for 2 stations? – ed] and KUAZ but not you

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? Days and evenings

What makes you switch to another radio station? Too much talking

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Wide variety of music

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Better signal

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? NA

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? NA

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? Bluegrass, rock, fri night techno, old rock, Petey Mesquitey, zydeco

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Serve the community

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? ?

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? In the car

What makes you switch to another radio station? It gets boring...

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Sponsor the folk festival, have real dj”s, picking real music

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Reach out to young people

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? ?

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? Rock

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel that a *community* radio station should be run organically by the community it serves. It should be essentially like a college radio station, only for adults and kids and anyone else in the community who want to get involved. This means it might totally suck some years, and be totally awesome others, just depending on who is involved and how good they are.
The station should offer free or low-cost classes in using equipment and programming. Part of taking those classes should involve running the live airtime for a short time slot. All of this can be openly announced: "Now one of our students will be the DJ for the next 20 minutes, welcome Jonathan. The airwaves are yours." Successful completion of classes should give you access to grab longer time slots or even regular recurring time slots. There should be some kind of feedback/rating system for listener interest, so that access to more popular time slots is not just based on how much pledge money is brought in. (For example: I know people who believe in a local station having a late night Grateful Dead show. They no longer want to stay up all night and get stoned and listen to the radio, so they don't call in and pledge their money during that show, instead, they pledge during a different show. But one of the reasons they're supporting the station is because it has a Grateful Dead show, in summary, you can't make your programming decisions based solely on which shows bring in the most pledges.)
KXCI should be to radio what AccessTucson is to television.
During pledge drives, the emphasis on why people should give money should not just be on the unique and diverse programming, but also on the opportunity for anyone to get involved.
KXCI should actively run classes for school groups (where an entire class shows up with their teacher, and the kids get to make short on-air announcements [perhaps pre-record in one studio, with an engineer, and then within the hour broadcasted in the on-air studio, with the kids present]). Every schoolchild in Tucson, from every single school, should go through KXCI at some point. Some of them will come back, perhaps 10 years later, to take classes and become volunteer DJs. Others will remember their experience and provide financial support 20 years down the line when they are older and want to start giving back to their community, involving kids is not only the right thing to do for the sake of the kids, but it also primes the pump for future volunteers (both DJ and non-Dj) and future donors.
This educational component of KXCI can be another emphasis during pledge drives, in addition to the unique and diverse programming. In general, if the openness to community involvement is a repeated emphasis both in pledge drives and other announcements throughout the year, then listeners will base their support decisions not only on whether they like to listen to KXCI but also on their belief in what KXCI provides to the community. As the public perception of KXCI shifts, donors will appear who never listen to radio but believe in the mission and thus will support the station.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? NA

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Music I've not heard before or familiar music presented in a new way

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? Focus on music & don't apologize for Tucson- really celebrate our community

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM except during Amy Goodman & Sunday morning during Garrison Keillor on KUAZ

What makes you switch to another radio station? Amy Goodman & Garrison Keillor & Marian McPortland's piano jazz

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Local musicians & Tucson tastes – the mix of musical interests is unique

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Music, music, music & celebrate Tucson tastes honestly

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? Music with deeply knowledgeable DJ's
What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? Maybe 1-minute talk bits on many topics – well prepared, well written, well delivered, deeply knowledgeable

Further thoughts, comments concerns? I found the KXCI-FM strategic planning workshop today most stimulating. Congratulations to you all for your preparation for the event and for clarifying issues, and to Paul Fisher for keeping us on track.
These further thoughts:
1. As I said at the meeting, I like best the programs in which the DJ goes deeply into music he or she knows well like Matt Moon, Neto on Ondo Suave, & the programs that follow his on Wednesday night.
2. I was bothered to hear that the music mix now plays a program of songs in "heavy rotation" and "medium rotation." It seems to make the programming lighter & detached from the personal taste & knowledge of the individual DJ— every now and then the DJ knows less than I wish he or she did about the song just played or about to be played. But a local musician whose taste I respect says that the heavy rotation songs on KXCI are also the best ones, so I guess this system is working for others.
3. I can't stand Amy Goodman's whiny voice, but I believe it's important to have her reporting on KXCI—we won't get it anywhere else. But does the program have to be a whole hour long?
4. Extremely brief news & feature shows do work, though, &, as someone at the meeting said, I believe we could have a few more of them. I enjoy Petey Mesquitey, Eb Eberlein, Jim Hightower, & Flicks, all of them resting on deep knowledge and presented in an appealing manner—& the presenters clearly work hard to present something useful & interesting concisely.
5. I appreciate the work Ron Cipriano puts into A Poet's Moment, but it seems to me a lost teaching opportunity. Most poets don't know how to read their own poems, but I know from personal experience that they can learn to read them in a more interesting and moving way. What if Ron enlisted a volunteer speech coach—a professor or teacher of speech or theater—to coach each poet before the person recorded for A Poet's Moment? I guarantee the program would be more appealing.
6. Have you considered engaging a speech coach, also, for volunteer DJs? I wouldn't want to take away the individual quality of the voices of KXCI DJs, but I'll bet that a coach could help them do better.
7. The voices of paid staff members are a different problem. If KXCI is going to pay people to be on the air, we have the right & obligation to require that paid staff have adequate radio voices. You have a perfectly fine radio voice, as I'm sure you recognize. Jim Blackwood needs to modulate his range, rather than rising to a high tenor for emphasis. Duncan Hudson would sound better if he enunciated the consonants at the ends of words, but I believe his voice needs more coaching than that. Amanda Shauger's choice of music is moving and stimulating, but she also has a voice that, for broadcasting, is problematic.
Again, many thanks for your hard work on behalf of community radio in Tucson. Sincerely yours,

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great variety – with Americana new and old in generous doses, and an abundance of our heritage southwestern music from our state and our neighboring border states and Mexico.

Instead of telling you about my Dream Radio Station, let me give you a couple of CD samples of what it would sound like. The first “Dream Radio Music Mix Sampler” is some really excellent artists/sons I've heard of the past few years. Though I may have heard a few of these artists on KXCI, I personally have never heard any of these songs played on KXCI.

The second “Borderlands” is an example of our Southwestern Heritage type music I'd like to hear more of. Most of these I've heard on KXCI, though not in this context.

So there's what I'd like to hear on my Dream Radio Station. Americana, new and old at KXCI's core with a good amount of Southwestern music mixed in and some additional variety at the DJ's discretion.

This is my second submission to the strategic plan because I care about the station and am passionate about the music. Thx. Sincerely, [contact editor for more info on the 2 CD's]

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic Rock 8-11 PM with Roger Dodger as the programmer!

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still like Tues evenings after the changes that happened. I enjoy the good support of local artists.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More inclusive & influencing beneficial change. Being a participant/interviewee/collaborator in your broadcasts. More talk – radio call ins – Youth & kid programs by kids. Namaste.

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Matt Moon's Thur. Nite regret that you moved Democracy now. I am a member – love your station.

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wider broadcasting area I live near la Canada & Orange Grove and can't get good reception.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

["...operating with the same..."] - lousy 3000 watts
A transmitter strong enough to get reception at my house at Grant & Silverbell. Years ago they had a drive for $ to get a Tucson Mountains translator. Never happened. I helped start this station. 20 years later I still can't get it without messing around moving the antenna & even then it doesn't usually work.

Maybe paid DJ's? It's so hard to fire a volunteer. - and only half the music mix DJ's are any good. You know who they are.

Rich Towne used to say “I can hear radios turning off all over Tucson.” It's still that way – 1 good song for every 2 lousy ones.

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a listener from day one, I would like to see a return to the station's roots, such as blues, reggae, happy music. Also, I would reduce the attention given to special interests.

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

STRATEGIC PLAN COMMENT (Randy's note: this came in before the comments form was
fixed, it seems to have the answers but no questions)
COMMENTS=Community based events, linking artists,activists and musicians to the listeners. The local music, the diversity of music. The first and foremost, to be the heart of the community, pumping out life-giving blood that keeps communities and the activism that is not only responsible for change, but strengthening the present successes and the diversity we have now. A good example would be support for the folk festival, the 24hr homeless marathon and Democracy now. But also locals only, and Matt Moon and global rythim radio.
Amy Goodman had said something like go where the silence is. I interpret that to be the voices of those people and ideas that are censured/banned/missed from mainstream media. In this time when we are seeing the end of a society based on cheap fossil fuels, we all will be tasked with remodeling our cities to survive and prosper in the next century. This may be as simple as having a regular program that looks into how we can remodel our city t be an example of community, sustainable. green, artistic, happy, creative people! What make leading cities in the world in these fields now successful? I would undoubtedly point to a small group of catalysts, visionaries, and dedicated to their aspect of change. How will wthat in turn help KXCI? I'll thow a couple out there, important aspects of change (to me) would be waater usage, having Brad Lancaster on this forum for change regularly like Petey Mesquitey, the Tucson permaculture group for waste reduction and water conservation via composting. Bike culture: IS REALLY BIG!!! Until you become part of it, you don't know how big. Even if you have or know several bike nuts, they will only know aspects. I suggest you ask alot of people in the bike community to find all these aspects because there are all important and they all could be kxci listeners and some would become members, but their part in the remodeling and catalyst for change would be in transportation, in making transportation safe and afordable, making bike boulevards and separate roads where everyone can feel safe biking. This is a VERY proactive city, Tim Thiviner is the man making things happen with the city and Matt Zoll with the county. Changes are implemented through the Bicycle Advisory Counsel, but the ideas from the community are what drive this, other cities have cool things that work there, but we may come up with something with a different spin, that nobody has tried, well you get where this could go and all the new people this could attract and the benefit it could reap.
COMMENTS=I used to listen to it all day, but my sound is broken on my computer at work. When I first listened to KXCI in the 90's it was because KFMA sucks, and was replaying top 40's I only listened to rock and Celtic music. I listened to Celtic crosscurrents and brainwaves, I eventually expanded to listening to Kid Squiddska (Zowie) Matt Moon, Morning Brew, mix, apocalyps, Democracy Now, view from off center, I am sad about the the whole debacle with Murphy and though I know a bit about what happened, I do not know enough for it to make sense, the thing I see is the Celtic community is a huge organized group of people some of which sided in the rift that formed around that, they are not going away. The way to put this issue to bed and get more members would be to seek out an extraordinary person to host a weekly show that is what you need it to be and aslo what the Celtic community loves. Brain waves: is great, the replacement does not get it and I turn it off, that is because I meditate then and need that type of music.
COMMENTS=Gospel,Cajun, 5 hours of blues
COMMENTS=besides no commercials, community involvement, local artists, diverse music, political activism.
COMMENTS=pulling yet untapped diverse elements, drawing people in to discuss starting projects of remodeling our cities, finding ways to further support the artists in our community, for your own statistics, having been a KXCI volunteer, I can say what I see of statistic gathering, is highly inaccurate So when you axe or move shows, it may be a detriment.
COMMENTS=funky shows with music nuts, like Kidd squidd, new music that would not get airplay for months, political and community activism.
COMMENTS=sometimes you can't go by what people are listening to now, by your very nature, you go out on a limb in front to what what people may be listening to on every channel 10 years from now because KXCI made it viable to do so now. And those are described above in remodeling our community. People may really jump on this when they find how interesting and empowering it is to become a part of something bigger than your own interests and those of your family and job, but in the end what we do for our community impacts that every day.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? I listen to the Saturday
programming from Acoustic Alternative, Ruby's Roadhouse, Kidd Squidd, and the
Blue Review. For me, these are Tucson institutions, ingrained in my sense of place
and community. I hope Carol Anderson, Kidd and Marty Kool have lifetime slots at
the station. In a broader sense, the most meaningful programming originates
locally-in the community. I also love the Live at 5:00 segments and the support for
local musicians across the programming spectrum. I value KXCI's partnerships
with other Tucson cultural institutions-the folk festival, the Weekly.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Local
production; contributions to community identity and sense of place; constructive
engagement in civic life (generally) and public interest debates (more specifically),
ie. water; immigration; development; social justice; poverty; government
accountability; local, regional, and state elections.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?
More local news
programming, to supplement (but not replace) the Sunday advocacy programming.
I miss the kind of news Mike Landwehr used to do during drive time.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? Saturday--1 just love the music
and feel real affection and loyalty for the djs in these slots. I also try to find time on
Wednesdays and Thursday for latino and World music.

What makes you switch to another radio station? Ha-when KXCI plays jazz or
techno. But that's just me.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Local programming; rich
variety in the choices of music; outlet for small, independent artists and record
labels, especially local musicians.

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Stronger signal; balancing core "old favorites" with programming to develop new
audiences; more public interest programs.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? Kidd Squidd is the
best radio show I have ever heard-anywhere, any time-and it is as good or better
than ever. I grew up on WBAI in New York City; listened to WXPN in college in
Philadelphia; enjoyed the NPR station in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.
KXCI is the best. I would not like to see the kind of transition that WXPN went
through in the 1980s, giving up local programming and introducing commercial
formats. I hope that isn't what anyone at KXCI is thinking about.

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? Public interest; local news

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

[phone message] Antique type roadshow programming where listeners stop by and talk about their art or antiques.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Numbered comments were all recieved by the strategic planning committee in some kind of paper format.

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to hope that KXCI might once again become a more active participant and co-sponser of events and issues important to our community and S. Arizona. Programming and outreach need more than lip service in 'another mission statement'. To that end I'd like to hope that this 'committee' have specific levels of engagement and input in its relationship to direction and decison making processes of the direction the station will take. Too many people I know, including me, have found the station becoming a less relevant drive time operation.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've made replies to these questions in the past.
Why don't we start with an active CAB as required by KXCI's own bylaws as I recall, or have they been changed?

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd add to the [GRC] Coalition statement more emphasis on what I consider the real heart and soul of community radio - its volunteer programmers. A true community radio station needs to actively support, engage, encourage and allow programmer participation in more than just diverse quality programming but to actively develop community events, activities, performances, and news/arts/local performer/newsmaker coverage beyond and other than the TV/newspaper show. It is so much more than ads in the Weekly, a booth at the fair, hustling for an underwriter, and sponsoring a battle of the bands all sponsored by what really are advertisers, who have a eye on ratings....

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? I listen to Your Morning Brew and to the Music Mix and the Homestretch. I think Democracy Now is an important alternative news program and am proud that KXCI airs it. I almost never listen on the weekends. I really like Thursday nights.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station? Non-commercial and volunteer/listener driven. I think its really important that local musicians and musicians touring through Tucson have a station that plays their music so that the clubs that are booking them are well-attended. That the radio station provides a link in the chain for artists who are not making millions of dollars and on Clear Channel. Which are all things KXCI is doing right now.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? I would like to see the website utilized better. It could have more content generated by volunteers like CD reviews, show reviews, interviews, etc. Its really an under utilized resource.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? Week days. YMB, the Music Mix, Homestretch. I like the music selection.

What makes you switch to another radio station? I don't listen to any other radio station. Sometimes the NPR. Usually I turn on my CD player because I am reviewing a CD or want to listen to a CD.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? I think they play better music. I can't stand the crap that is on the radio. KXCI is much more pure in terms of supporting artists that aren't heard any where else. The DJs are playing music they have personally selected because they really like that music, not because they were told to play it.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Expanding its presence - both in terms of broadcast area and in terms of the community. It needs a marketing plan - on the grass roots level - something other than a little logo in the Weekly. It needs to get more involved with its listening audience - by doing more events that are purely KXCI - not just sticking up a banner at a club. Let's do an annual Petey Mesquitey event. Let's get Kidd Squidd out for a block party. Let's have some fun. Let's sell beer and wine. Let's use the Tucson Museum of Art as a venue. Let's do more of these events. Lets have a cool float for the Festival of Lights Parade. The annual Calexico show is a good example of something really cool that KXCI does. It needs to do those kind of events more often. There should be a staff position for that. Events Director.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? Music. I love the Live @ 5 but would like to see it become a more professional endeavor.

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of? I'd like to see more interviews with people other than musicians for the Live @ 5. There are authors in town, etc.[slight editing here - for explanation contact]

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you? NA

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”? Appeal to the seniors

What could KXCI do to serve the community better? Continue to be caring

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why? Sunday – Gospel show

What makes you switch to another radio station? The people are real

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does? Have Gospel music

What do you think KXCI's #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future? Play more wholesome music

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best? Gospel

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of? Talk shows

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Total Eclectic Radio! No “drivetime” - no paid programmers the music mix sounds too predictable – too much like other radio – keep it to 2 hours for every DJ to do their thing! Everyday on KXCI should be like a Saturday or a Tuesday night! No other radio station does this – this keeps KXCI unique and special.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

KXCI Town Hall April 19th. 2008

General topics from the opening remarks of the attendees

The committee should find and examine the Mission Statement created whilst Larry Bruce was Station Manager.

Programs such as “The Homeless Marathon” distinguish KXCI
The Music Mix (MM) is not always a mix. The MM sounds too commercial. It needs more variety.
There should be more current affairs programming.
There should be more call-in shows.
KXCI should be reporting on decisions being made at Davis Monthan Air Force Base; e.g. their decisions about flight patterns.

KXCI should counter the “corporate model”

The station needs to boost its signal power. What will it take to boost the signal?

Why does the station need to have a disclaimer read before certain shows?

The station needs to raise awareness of KXCI in the community.
The KXCI community extends beyond the geography of its radio signal.

KXCI should have more community meetings.

1. In your opinion, what does it mean to be a "Community Radio Station"?

3. What could KXCI do to serve the community better?

KXCI should be radio for the community.
KXCI should find more avenues for the communities it serves to express themselves
KXCI has unique opportunities to serve its community.
KXCI should have block parties

KXCI should “expand the whole”

Local Voices
Local programming
KXCI should play what is not being played
KXCI should strive to broadcast alternative points of view in contrast to talk radio.
KXCI should not compete with The Clear Channel Corporation

What does the community who is not listening to KXCI want?
KXCI should follow the spirit of the 1934 Communications Act.

1.In your opinion, what does it mean to be a “Community Radio Station”?

To follow the spirit of the 1934 Communications Act
A station that reflects the grater Tucson community. Local programming
By, For and About “we the people” of the community of S. Arizona
To offer music and other programming that serves portions of the community not served by commercial outlets.
In communication with the community through radio communications. One Love.
3.What could KXCI do to serve the community better?
Stay focused on facilitation life long learning
KXCI interfaces well with the Tucson Kitchen Musicians and I would like to see that continue into the future!
Alternative talk radio
Sponsor more live concerts as fund raisers
Reach out to poor and younger segments of the community and get them involved – especially younger.
Broaden the musical content in the MM
KXCI should “self promote”
Do more home grown recipes. Local people like Petey Mesquitey. Educating the listener. A variety of different community topics

QUESTION 2 What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?

Local music. Local artists
Unheard music. Unheard voices.
World music
Live music
Electronic music
Specialty programming

The MM is great during the day because it is enjoyable to listen to when working

Democracy Now!

Meetings and events – want more of them
Information programs
It is best when there is less repetition

Music. Music. Music.

2. What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?

Music you can’t hear anywhere else
The Music Mix – when it truly “mixes” up the music (i.e. Paul Fisher’s/Van Man’s shows)
Music. World music mostly
Archive old shows – see who’s listening
The fact that it airs local artists and musicians, poets etc. Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. Hightower Radio.
Any good information programming
The variety. The cosmic make up!

QUESTION 5 What makes you switch to another radio station?

Losing the signal

When I want more variety in programming
When the MM isn’t mixed
When I want more variety in the MM – more genres

When I want less variety and want to listen to one genre of music

Too much talk from the Programmer/DJs
Rambling interviews

Too much of one religion on Sunday mornings
When I want to listen to the news, I have to turn to another radio station
When I want to hear the sports’ scores
When I want to listen to different shows, on different radio stations

When my schedule doesn’t accommodate the radio

5. What makes you switch to another radio station?
Sound black out. Loss of signal
Boring music
Poorly produced public affairs programming
Democracy Now and when other “talk radio” is airing. I only listen for the music
Talk. Inane songs (Indie stuff) and cutesy songs
Occasionally I switch to 1400KTUC to listen to golden oldies
Music that is not good

QUESTION 6 What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?

Gives the community a chance to express themselves
All can be involved
Provides the opportunities for listener sponsorship
The educational opportunities that KXCI provides

Volunteer DJs
The DJs are knowledgeable about the music they play
DJ camp
Kids DJ camp

No commercials
KXCI underwriting does not have a “commercial” sound to it

Great mix of music
Plays local music

6. What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?

Listener sponsor
Represents and airs news and views that are alternative to the mainstream media
Volunteer DJs – not “too” polished
Local events
Play a wide variety of music, from bluegrass to blues and beyond
Provide a platform for segments of the community that are underserved by other media
Have open meetings

QUESTION 7 What do you think KXCI’s #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?

KXCI should always be fiscally secure, and it should be vigilant in protecting its fiscal security, and developing and strengthening its infrastructure

KXCI must have a stronger signal and make more of an effort to eliminate the signal problems.

KXCI should be more like a “Town Soap Box” – where anyone can go and express and share opinions in public
It should broadcast a greater variety of voices (individuals and organizations of note/substance) for the community to hear
It should be a vehicle for life long learning for its listeners
KXCI should develop new ways to research and broadcast alternative information. (Alternative to “mainstream” media broadcasts)

KXCI should develop and strengthen its “marketing” & “branding” within the community. Both with marketing itself and marketing others
It should stop apologizing for being in Tucson and for its inadequacies as a small under-funded radio station
It must continue to increase it’s visibility on all levels
As much as possible, KXCI must continue to develop all forms of community outreach, especially its physical presence in the community at events

KXCI should focus on more music and less talk
It should create more of a culture of “fun” on the air
Ensure that it continues to stay within legal bounds. Not fall foul of the FCC or other local, state or government organizations
It should do more to broadcast, feature and promote local authors

7. What do you think KXCI’s #1 priority should be as tit thinks about the future?

Raising money. $$$
Find younger membership and listeners
Play more music – to further persuade more listeners to become members
More music. Less talk. Legal and strong infrastructure – financial responsibility
Embrace new ideas and programs enough to stay on the air, but hopefully be able to hold onto the good, long-time programs like Global Rhythm Radio, Milo’s bluegrass show, and Ruby’s Roadhouse
Any good information programming
Stay focused on facilitating life long learning

QUESTION 4. When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?

QUESTION 8. What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of?

(As I selected to put these two questions out on the floor at one time, there was a tendency to answer both questions as one. As the attendees were offering their comments they were suggesting that the time that they listened the most was also the type of programming they wished KXCI did more of.)

I listen the most on:
I’d like more of:
Thursday night
All day Saturday
Saturday until 9 pm.
Amy Goodman and other programs
Wednesday from 10 pm. to 12 am.
All Wednesday night

Only Amy Goodman
Mostly when driving
All the time

KXCI should continue to avoid appealing to a single demographic in KXCI’s audience and continue to develop programming that will appeal to the widest demographic as possible

4. When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?

I only listen to Democracy Now
I listen to KXCI almost all the time. The other media I listen to are the cable digital bluegrass channel, PBS channel 6, and Access Tucson channel 99
Thursday night and Saturdays 8 – 5
During the day M-F; Sat. all day/night; Sunday morning/afternoon 6am – 6pm more or less
Sat. afternoon - for Petey at noon – and Ruby’s Roadhouse. Weekday mornings – Morning Brew once in a while (I work nights)
24/7 baby!!

8. What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?

It’s a great mix – I wouldn’t rock the boat much – more interactive informational programming
Just play the music!!
DJs doing their own show (not just the music mix)
The live broadcasts such as Tucson Folk Festival & Blues Festival. The programming of individual programmers. Special programming such as Cesar Chavez Day, Stonewall Day etc.
Democracy Now!

9. What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of?

Older music
Rare music
Programming involving all the “Arts”
More music programming
Bring back Leonard Rosenthal. (He did a mini-english lesson every day.)
Broadcast more mini-programs like Jim Hightower/Petey Mesquitey
KXCI should expand and develop the Summer Kids DJ Camp – and the programming that comes out of it

Develop shows like “CounterSpin”. (“… FAIR's weekly radio show.
CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what the mainstream media might have missed in their own coverage. Combining lively discussion and a thoughtful media critique, CounterSpin is unlike any other show on the dial.” )

Develop shows like “Writer’s Almanac” - (“…American Public Media…Garrison Keillor recounting the highlights of this day in history and reading a short poem or two.” )

Less RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) music. Find rarer, more obscure music that fewer have access to, or knowledge of. Music out of the main-stream

KXCI should be more public and transparent about what is going on internally at the station

KXCI should do more joint programming with social/community projects such as “Vote Smart” (Information on US candidates, ballot measures, issues and legislation, and voter registration, provided by a non-profit group)

KXCI should endeavor to provide community “in & out” reach and information
It should research and serve local demographics
It should broadcast to the “man-on-the-street”
There should be more radical-left political thought
There should be more general/left-wing news
There should be more right wing news

9. What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing more of?

I would like to see the program, “Counterspin” brought back
Project Vote Smart – Interviews – Cooperate w/Tucson Weekly
World Music
More music only (not talk)
More community involvement
:30 - :60sec PSAs clubs, organizations, schools

Additional – hand written card:
Overnight shows don't seem to get enuff exposure 'cause they're overnight – my suggestion is to let an overnight DJ do their show during a prime time slot – once in a while – maybe take advantage of an occasion when that prime time DJ might be requesting a break or vacation or whatever – giving an overnight show some prime time exposure.

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some thoughts of mine as input to the Strategic Planning process ...

As KXCI is about to celebrate its 25th, it is a good time to pause and reflect ... on its history, what makes it unique and different from other Tucson radio stations, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the next 25 years. The work of the Strategic Planning Committee should provide important input and insight on these topics.

To me, what makes KXCI unique and different is that it represents part of the heart and spirit of Tucson... Tucson is special because of the beauty of the place and the spirit of its people. In a sense, Tucson is the "anti-Phoenix" because it embraces the natural beauty of its surrounds and honors its heritage. Tucson is blessed with many institutions which help define the core values and beauty of Tucson ... among the top that come to mind include the Sonoran Desert Museum, Tucson Botanical Garden, "Tucson Meet Yourself" festival, The Tucson Kitchen musicians, the culinary Tucson Originals. And KXCI is very much part of that collection of 'kindred spirits', making it part of the heart and spirit of the Tucson community ... benefiting and celebrating the community's talents and diversity thru an eclectic offering of musical entertainment [including poetry] not found elsewhere in its breadth and originality.

As such, KXCI should be top of mind for all those folks who value the unique place and spirit that Tucson represents. That means people who are 'old-timers' who already know about KXCI, as well as all those not yet reached ! -- people who do not know about KXCI, but would love to if they had the opportunity to hear what it has to offer. For example, 'snowbirds, new-comers/ transplants, listeners of Public Radio who want more entertainment beyond what they currently have available, and other listeners of radio stations who are tired of commercials or endless 'sameness' in offerings.

The challenge for KXCI and its marketing is how to reach those yet-to-be listeners. KXCI should be known as one of Tucson's unique assets that help define the heart and spirit of Tucson. As such, it needs to be nurtured and marketed by community leaders, relocation reality folks, other major artist communities, other major non-profit institutions, and members of the key media so that KXCI can continue to thrive by becoming the place of choice for more and more people on their listening dial.

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: Everything. That said, there are programs that I really do not like, but there are programs that I really love. However, this is community radio, radio meant for everyone. As such there is no way that you could program the station so that it is meaningful to me AND everyone else 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Thus, it’s all meaningful and is what makes KXCI the great station that it is.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: Quite simply, community radio is radio for all people whether they are listening over a radio or over the internet. And after reading some of the comments that have already been posted I am concerned that some do not understand this concept. It would be great if there could be more music or more news or more right leaning shows or more left leaning shows or more acid rock or more country, but there are only 24 hours in a day. Thus, I think that people need to realize that there is only so much that can be squeezed into a day/week and that everyone needs to remember that community means for all people, not just for one person’s particular point of view. And thus, while there may very well be shows that I do not like, others may find these same shows as the best there ever was. By keeping all, you then have true community radio.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?: KXCI could serve the community better by addressing the #1 problem that I list below. KXCI needs to ensure that all people in the community can receive the signal. Without solving this problem, you are not serving your primary audience. Perhaps part of the solution for this is to make the community aware of the fact that KXCI can also be heard over the internet. Thus, to serve the community better, KXCI needs to be able to reach all potential listeners, here in Tucson and dare I say, around the world.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: Sunday nights, Saturday mid-morning, Saturday evening, and weekday evenings after 6pm. These shows have such great music that is found nowhere else and amazing hosts that are so knowledgeable. It really comes through that they are not doing this for money, but for their love of the music that they play. And it’s infectious. I know I have discovered areas of music that I previously was not aware of and now find that I have a fairly sizable number of artists in my CD collection, i.e. zydeco, bluegrass, folk, afro-pop, world, etc.

What makes you switch to another radio station?: Perhaps the only thing that will make me switch or at least turn down the sound are some of the miniprograms. Don’t mean to be negative here, but Flicks really misses the boat and needs a host that can pronounce the names of the films and actors and actresses he discusses. Also, perhaps the monotone is done purposely, but this is the one show that makes me reach for that sound knob. And while Ron Cipriani does a great job, some of the “poets” really could use some help in learning how to present their work. Also, KXCI is great because it does not continually hit you over the head with annoying advertising. But, when I hear a show like Dr. Dan’s Road Show, I usually find myself switching it off, as I find it to be nothing more than plugs for all of the musical venues around town. Of course if KXCI is getting underwriting money to sponsor this show and the station, then I guess it is a benefit. But for me, it is a reason to switch the dial. And also, new age music, brainwaves, electronica, usually have me looking for alternatives over the internet. But as I mentioned before, this is community radio, and thus these shows do fit within the concept of what community radio is all about.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: Knowledge. It is simply amazing how much knowledge the DJs have concerning their specific area of music. It just blows me away to think that all of these fine folks do this for free. And KXCI does it better than anyone else.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: KXCIs #1 priority has to be ensuring that everyone can have access to the station. The broadcast tower or whatever else is holding up the progress of getting the signal to everyone in the area needs to be solved and solved now. And KXCI needs to find a way to publicize itself to a greater degree. It is amazing how many people do not even know that KXCI exists. There are huge numbers of people both in Tucson and around the world that would love this station, if they only knew where to look for it.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: Without a doubt, it’s the specialty programming. Where else can you hear such amazing shows like Global Rhythm Radio, Tabasco Road, Simple Folk, Mele Hawaii, Search and Rescue and Rez Radio? By and large all of the specialty programming is a gem that can be found nowhere else.

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: While Jazz Sundae is a good program, it really does not cover the tremendous amount of fantastic jazz and jazz styles that are out there. Thus, I’d love to see more Jazz. Also, New Orleans has such amazing musicians and types of music. Why not add a companion show to Tabasco Road that features Louisiana R&B, Soul, Swing, Trad Jazz, etc.? Also, as I pointed out above, Global Rhythm Radio is one of the better shows on KXCI. But there is so much more great music that is being made in Europe, Asia and Australia that never makes through US customs. An easy solution to adding such shows as this would be to make all shows no more than 2 hours each. And while the Music Mixes are okay, why not cut down on these and add more specialty shows. Instead of having two DJs who appear everyday Monday through Friday, why not have 10 DJs who could do specialty shows. This would add another layer of depth that would also help to bring in more listeners.

05/19/2008 at 10:52 AM

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: I listen to KXCI for the music programs. I get my national news from NPR, but might like to hear some news re: local events and happenings, profiles of local personalities, etc. However, music that is original, unusual, and interesting is what I look for.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: A community radio station should reflect the culture and personality of the community. It should emphasize what is unique and different, and not sound like a station from Anywhere USA. Community radio programming should reflect the tastes and interests of the community, while still maintaining a coherent station identity (i.e., it must have a niche that it fills).

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?: Do more to let the community know about what the station is, its values and focus. Reach out to new folks who move here. Include more info on community events that fit it's music niche (i.e., new folk music, world music).

Find ways to generate interest in these types of music among younger people. For example, get involved in music education, bringing folk music into schools, etc.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: Generally on the weekends when I tend to be on the road more. I particilarly like Kid Squid, Rubies Roadhouse and a few others that just happen to be on when my dial is tuned to KXCI.

What makes you switch to another radio station?: If I don't happen to like the music selection, or if I happen to be in the car when Democracy Now comes on. I turn to the radio for entertainment, not politics.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: Plays music you don't hear anywhere else. Has unique and engaging personalities the convey a passion for their music, for their programs, and for KXCI. KXCI is full of heart and soul.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: Focusing on a core set of values that will allow it to sustain and maintain its identify, and that will provide a compass by which to steer a path into the future.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: Original music & folk music.

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: Spotlighting local talent, personalities, events. "Focus on Tucson".

05/19/2008 at 02:50 PM

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: all of Saturday (especially Ruby always makes me smile, Squidd's variety) and Sundays, including the Sunday afternoon public affairs which at first I wasn't too keen on instead of music, but all the public affair programs in the slot are excellent. I paint in my studio all day on the weekends and KXCI keeps me going and happy. I also like the evening volunteer DJs (especially Portillo), morning brew and the home stretch, Goodman - often I start off not really liking something and then becoming a fan.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: reflects the diversity of the community, provides info as well as music (but really like the music!)

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?: age range in the audience perhaps, I am 60's generation, but I don't want the station to just play for my generation's tastes- diverse though they are

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: Weekends - see above and when I am driving. We have bad reception here in the Tucson Mountains and even my dsl is uneven, so I have to be in certain rooms/areas to get decent reception

What makes you switch to another radio station?: I don't listen to another radio station

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: diversity of music, diversity of community info

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: enough financial stability to keep going without losing the amazing flexibility it has

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: local, passionate, informed DJs

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: surprise me

05/19/2008 at 06:35

At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

from an earlier post:

"What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: surprise me"


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a KXCI member and supporter since the very beginning I find some of the previous comments regarding more news and public affairs programs quite alarming! KXCI began 25 years ago with the intention to be primarily a music station and has held to that course for a quarter of a century. The last thing that most listeners want is more talk radio. The short form announcements and 1/2 hour talk programs that currently air are enough!

NO MORE TALK!! Stick to the music!

I recall a couple of summers ago when KXCI tried to "experiment" with adding Free Speech Radio News (which was the most God-awfully produced and un-listenable program ever) and Counterspin (not as bad). Thankfully that "experiment" ended and those programs left the schedule.

The only thing that could be worse is badly produced local news. I was dismayed to see that KXCI had hired a News Director... WHY? Most intelligent Tucsonans who want to hear news already tune in to NPR. PLEASE don't try to produce local news content. The amount of time and resources it will take to do a good job in that department will not be worth the amount of membership dollars it will require. I DO NOT want my membership donations wasted on more talk!

I regularly listen to the morning and afternoon shows and love the fact that the hosts remain constant and predictable. There is already so much unpredictability in the programming of KXCI that it is actually a relief to know that when I listen in my car on the way to work and home again I can be assured to hear quality music presented by seasoned veteran djs who know how to do the job. I'm glad to know that KXCI pays these hosts for their time! They deserve it considering how much time spend on the radio and the quality of their work.

I have listened to other community stations in other parts of the country and I'm so proud that KXCI has avoided the trap of having too many different shows following one after another. That kind of schedule is completely erratic and requires too much work to listen and know what to expect when.


The comment about making KXCI the same as Access Tucson makes me want to barf. That would certainly spell the end of KXCI.

Thanks for asking for input but please DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE!

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Less Eclectic Programming
No Foreign Language Music unless the show is specifically that genre.

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing such innovative and interesting radio. I think the limiting factor in engaging your membership more and expanding the membership is clearly due to the number one issue on your list. My observation is that, without resolving #1, you cannot expect to progress on # 2 and #3. I, e.g. live on the West side of town and cannot get KXCI in my home at all. I rely totally on reception in my car to stay attached to the station. When I drive North, I lose that reception too. Without stronger signals and wider coverage, you cannot engage us more Thanks for asking about this. I stay tuned for your strategic plans.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

#1. Growing KXCI's signal strength and coverage

I can't believe there aren't more comments about coverage! Maybe people outside your coverage area just don't listen...

We've been loyal listeners since the begining, but moved to the NW (OG & La Canada) in 94 and lost the signal. We moved again 3 years ago (Oracle & Ina) and of course still don't have a signal. Basically, we can only listen on the way to work or when we are S of Orange Grove. This has been a royal PITA! Why do we continue to donate? Cause we luv ya baby!


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention: I LOVE the ability to search playlists! My entire list of "to buy" is pulled from here. RDS would also be nice...

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to hear smooth jazz on this station. It has been such a travesty when it was taken away back in 2001.
Thank you for being a presence in our community.

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love KXCI for the music I don't know about. The college station in Florida was great but KXCI does what no one else can, shares the music and educates the listeners.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: Music. Especially a wide variety of high quality music.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: Feature local flavor, but also bring in the best of other local flavors and great music from other times and places.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?:

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: In the car. Because we CAN'T PICK IT UP AT HOME. This may change, since we soon will have our home audio networked, but meanwhile...

What makes you switch to another radio station?: Lack of signal...

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: Intelligence, sophistication, curiosity, humour, MUSIC VARIETY.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: Increasing coverage. Maybe increasing advertising enough to cut the on-air beg-a-thons.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: Eclectic blends of international, indy, bluesy, rock.
Morning Brew, Home Stretch, Music Mix, Onda Suave, Clambake, Ruby's, Squid, Rosies, Apocalypse.
What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: I don't think that when an artist/band "makes it", they suddenly become verbotten. I guess I'm saying that salting the mix with a bit of Stones, U2, Elvis, Beatles, Hank Williams, Radiohead, Del Shannon, or wouldn't hurt.

Doesn't fit elsewhere, so:
I'm a moderate independent. I've always voted split ticket local and Democrat for President (so far). I find Democracy Now a bit too biased; kind of a left wing version of Bill O'Reilly.

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: The various music programming. Kidd Squidd is fantastic as is Halftime at the Apocalypse as well as the Friday night programming. I think you should definitely consider extending Friday night's electronic line-up into early Saturday morning sometime, say 3 or 4 AM. It only makes sense. Maybe make that last hour more chill, downtempo as a nice comedown and transition into the next block of programming. Just a thought.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: To be a Community Radio Station means to actively serve the needs of the community and to do so in a way that is engaging, proactive, and meaningful. This would include the sharing of news, information, and viewpoints that are designed to benefit the community as a whole. All KXCI programming should always strive to attain or exceed this goal.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?: As large a presence as KXCI currently maintains in the city of Tucson through, it can always do better. Continual improvement should be the ideal here. While KXCI obviously cannot itself donate to charity outright, and though you often give airtime to those who are organizing charitable events, I would like to see more of a physical presence by KXCI at local charitable events and fundraisers. You have the power of the airwaves and while it is not historically the STRONGEST signal, you can be the LOUDEST. You already likely have the most devoted fanbase of radio listeners in Tucson, so why not use that better to your advantage? Advertise that you will be at this benefit or that fundraiser for that cause and that you will be handing out free swag to anyone who stops by. It doesn't have to be super political or anything. Neko Case plays a benefit to support a humanitarian cause, Calexico's got that thing for the high school kids this weekend. You should be there. An arts festival for kids, a film festival at the Fox for local filmmakers, a dinner to raise funds for any number of our local charitable organizations. Your station should be all over every noteworthy charitable event or fundraiser that comes down the pike. I mean, I know you do this already, I would just like to see more of it. You know your base, now mobilize them. That would be one way to better serve your community.

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: During the day at work. Because I get tired of my own music and KXCI is clearly the number one alternative. Also in the car on the weekends that I'm in town.

What makes you switch to another radio station?: If I'm not feeling a certain program. This doesn't happen very often. Typically only during Democracy Now (which has to be kept and played sometime during the day, of course), but also when the station gets too country or bluegrassy for my taste and for its own good. A change needs to be made in this arena though I'm not sure what it is. Some of the country-folk-bluegrass stuff that KXCI plays just sounds too similar after a while. I would like to see better representation here or at the very least, better segmentation. You could do one bluegrass show, one classic country show, one for folk and New Weird America stuff, one for Americana and No Depression etc. I guess what I'm saying is that the folk, bluegrass, and country-western type sounds that I hear on your station just sounds too similar to me. Which is strange, considering just how much good stuff is out there.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: The diverse programming.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: Community, growth, sprawl, environment, preservation, water, blight. The health and well-being of Tucson's citizenry and their future quality of life.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: Indie/Electronic

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: Jazz, more underground hip-hop esp from England and Europe, more local (Arizona, Southwest) indie and alternative. Thank you.

05/21/2008 at 08:48 PM

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Does KXCI have a working plan to prevent privatization or a large contributor from attempting to sway station policy"?

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The station is a unique and valuable asset in the community. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Less esoteric and more towards the demographic of current listenership. A little shorter Gospel run on Sunday mornings and, a variety of programming or mix rather than long specialty shows on Sunday evening.

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do not feel the need to re-imagine KXCI because it is our favorite radio station of all time. Music loving newcomers to Tucson from all over the country agree with us.

Why is KXCI the best radio station on the planet?

1. The diverse music played on the station is a joy to people who love music. The listener is always having his envelope stretched.

2. Most of the music on KXCI is not available on local stations. Without KXCI Tucson radio would be a musical wasteland.

3. News and public affairs do not overpower the lineup. Less would be even better.

We realize it would be advantageous to increase the number of listeners and members of KXCI. Please do not try to do this by making the music more commercial or by adding more public affairs programming.

In summary: It ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What KXCI programming is most meaningful to you?: All of the music programs. Esp. Locals Only, Music Mix, Mystery Jukebox, Starrtrax, any world music

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Community Radio Station?: Accessible to community.
Accepting volunteers and comminity involvement and input.

What could KXCI do to serve the community better?: Have a better signal. (I know you are working on this, sorry).

When do you listen to KXCI the most? Why?: Daytime weekends, Mon night, Thur night and Sat daytimes

What makes you switch to another radio station?: Democracy Now.
Lost signal.

What does KXCI do that no other radio station does?: Plays music I have never heard before!
Local specific info like weather.

What do you think KXCIs #1 priority should be as it thinks about the future?: Continuing music mix.

What kind of programming do you think KXCI does best?: Music

What kind of programming do you wish KXCI would start doing/do more of?: don't change a thing.
Do not put on more talk radio.

05/23/2008 at 03:59 PM

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

#1. Growing KXCI's signal strength and coverage
The station has had this as a goal or been promising it for more than 15 years, it is either time to make it happen or quit worrying about it. Either focus on the audience you have/community you serve or find a way to get this done. Some accountability regarding the money already raised for this would be nice too.

#2. Sustaining the enthusiastic support of KXCI's current listeners and members
#3. Increasing the active participation of KXCI's members and listeners, including sustaining and growing membership
#6. Reaching out to and engaging more of Tucson's diverse populations

One way to sustain and increase support and participation is to ASK and then follow through. People like to help in more ways than just sending in money. What other tasks can the membership help with? Use the airwaves to involve people. Talk about the station and its needs and operations ON AIR. Transparency and openness encourages support. If people know what is going on, they will be better prepared to help or participate. Accountability is important as well. When mistakes are made the people involved need to accept responsibility and show what will be done to rectify the situation. A volunteer coordinator who knows how and has the ability to let people shine is something that would go a long way to creating a more positive environment for the sort of collective "team" thinking that seems lacking, especially with a lot of the programmers. As well, kxci should participate in the functions of other organizations - both on a fun "social" level, but also with coverage and publicity of issues, events, and activities.

#4. Distinguishing KXCI as Tucson's community radio station
#5. Defining KXCI's role and ensuring its relevancy to the Tucson community
#6. Reaching out to and engaging more of Tucson's diverse populations

The music it plays, especially the promotion of local artists goes a long way to accomplishing this. More public affairs produced locally would add even more to the "flavor." There is a LOT more going on than Susie B., Quinn, David, and Amanda can cover in 90 minutes on Sunday! More specialty shows produced by local underserved communities would help. Where are our Native Americans? Recent immigrants? Incarcerated? Aside form a little bilingual Spanish on Wednesday there are NO OTHER languages spoken on air. There is an historical Irish community here, they used to be represented on KXCI. There is a more to Tucson than AAA pop music and 9 to 5ers driving in their cars.

#7. Increasing KXCI's underwriting and funding support
KXCI has historically depended heavily on underwriting. Many community stations do not accept any. Underwriting for local small businesses that support the mission and concept of community radio seems acceptable. Going after ADVERTISING revenue seems antithetical to this type of organization. More work on grants could help offset and diversify revenue. Currently kxci only applies for and receives two regular grants. The BoD should form a standing committee to work on this and eventually consider hiring staff to search, apply, and implement.

#8. Establishing an ongoing and inclusive process for determining KXCI's program content and focus
#6. Reaching out to and engaging more of Tucson's diverse populations

Yes. And the accountability and follow up needed to ensure fairness and acceptance. Openness, transparency and inclusion should be a primary feature.

#10. Ensuring that KXCI has the organizational strength, capabilities and resources to fulfill its Mission, live by its core Values, and achieve its Vision in the years ahead.
#6. Reaching out to and engaging more of Tucson's diverse populations

Inclusion, Transparency, Responsibility, and Accountability: fundamentals that must be incorporated as values for this organization. The membership needs to be informed and then involved more in ITS organization. KXCI is not just another non-profit. It is a mass media, MEMBERSHIP-owned entity and should reflect that in its structure and operation.


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