Monday, May 12, 2008

KXCI Board Meeting

The KXCI Board of Directors meets Thursday, May 15th at 5:30 at the Armory Park Center, 220 South Fifth Avenue in downtown Tucson. The meeting is open to the public and you are encouraged to attend.


I. Call To Order
II. Attendance, Schedule Next Meeting (Annual Meeting)
III. Review and Adoption of April 17, 2008 minutes (5 minutes)
IV. Committee Reports
a) Board Development (5 minutes)
b) Personnel Committee (5 minutes)
c) Strategic Planning Committee (5 minutes)
d) Election Committee (5 minutes)
V. Old Business
VI. New Business
a) Board appointments
b) Committee appointments
VII. CAB and Volunteer Representative Reports (5 minutes each)
VIII. GM Report / Financials (5-10 minutes)
IX. Call To Audience (3 minutes per person)
X. Executive Session (as needed)
XI. Adjournment


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