Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tucson Folk Festival

TKMA’s Tucson Folk Festival is this Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd and 4th, downtown at El Presidio Park. This year’s headliners are Marley’s Ghost, Ruthie Foster, and Billy Jonas.

For a list of performers and workshops, visit

KXCI will broadcast both days from the main Plaza Stage on tape delay. Our broadcast is hosted by Carol “Ruby” Anderson and Mike Landwehr. Stop by the KXCI booth near the Plaza Stage to say hello, pick up a fresh bumper sticker for summer and grab some new KXCI T-shirts.


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Sunday afternoon, my mom, who has had some bum ankle problems lately and could not make it to the Folk Fest, wanted to listen. Since KXCI can't be heard on home radios because of the radio penetration and because kxci (like most stations of this type: kcrw, wfuv, kexp, etc) are great streamed on the internet) I tried to log into the folk fest. zilch. nada. tested my mac and my pc. both were able to pick up my favorite station in Paris (ooo la la) but not my folk fest a few blocks away. I called the station and then the GM. GM said he'd go check on it in about 50 minutes on his way to the folk fest. hmmmmm. this is one of KXCI & TKMA & Tucson's annual jewel events and broadcasts. Also, the website said that David Yerkey was airing (instead of saying the Folk Fest is airing now); thats kind of strangely de minimus, don't you think? AND there is nothing there anyway. whats all that about. Maybe I'm too optimistic about KXCI or have put too much energy and money and high hopes into the station for years, but I would like to think that it matters that it'll be there on the net and that it'll be just as important as whether it goes down on the car radio. The web is KXCI's most important future asset. People in Europe, Texas, etc., do listen or would listen if they knew and it was available (Tucson Folk Fest & KXCI).


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