Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's Willie Nelson One Cup of Java Challenge

Monday's One Cup of Java Challenge: A little Willie Nelson trivia this morning, with Willie celebrating his 75th birthday on Wednesday. For most of his career, Willie’s main guitar has been a Martin N-20 nylon-string acoustic. He’s played it so long that the constant strumming has worn a large hole into the guitar’s body. It’s this same guitar that bears the signatures of his friends and fellow musicians. Willie loves the guitar so much he gave it a name. Your One Cup question this morning – what is the name of Willie Nelson’s main guitar, a name he borrowed from a hero of his.

Answer: Willie is a big Roy Rogers fan, and he named his guitar "Trigger."

Willie Nelson KXCI birthday programs:

Tuesday, 4/29: Vinyl Revival (8am), One Cup of Java (8:20), re-air interview between Willie and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman (1pm), one-hour special My Own Peculiar Way: The Songs of Willie Nelson (5pm) and two-hour special episode of Rosie's Rhythm Room, 8-10pm.


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