Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's One Cup Of Java Challenge

Friday's One Cup of Java Challenge: On this date in 1973, 35 years ago today, 19-year-old Declan McManus performed his first solo concert in Twickenham, England. His first album, and his only name change, to Elvis Costello, would come a few years later. In his more than 30 years of recording, Costello has never had a number one hit. He’s never had a Top Five or Top Ten hit. In fact, in 30 years, he’s had exactly one song hit the Top Twenty on the Billboard charts. Your job this morning – name that tune, the only Elvis Costello song to hit Billboard’s Top Twenty; it was #19 in 1989. One clue: the tune was co-written with Paul McCartney and echoes some of the same sentiments as “Eleanor Rigby.”

Answer: Veronica


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