Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Chris Gaffney, Candye Kane: 2 Musical Friends In Need

One of the benefits are being the kind of independent musical artist featured on KXCI is that you get to be, well, independent, and a lot of the folks we spin for you on 91.3FM wouldn't want it any other way.

There are also drawbacks to that independence, though, and never more so than when a musician takes ill. Most recently, two long-time KXCI favorites, Chris Gaffney of The Hacienda Brothers and blues woman Candye Kane, have both found themself sidelined by medical concerns that will keep them temporarily off the stage where they rightfully belong.

And while both have some level of medical insurance, it doesn't cover all of their costs, and certainly not the lost income from the performances they've had to cancel during their upcoming surgeries, procedures and recoveries.

You can help. Both Chris and Candye have websites that not only detail their situations and needs, but provide for secured donation sites where your support, at any level, can make a difference. Both sites also have oppportunities for you to provide support of another kind, as well: moral support.

Please visit for information on helping Chris Gaffney, and for information on helping Candye Kane.


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