Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Know Who Won The Election

The votes are in and they've been counted (no Diebold machines at KXCI), and we're preparing to announce the

Top 913 Albums of All Time!

Join us starting Monday, March 17th for the countdown of the best of the best, as determined by deejay voting here at the station.

On March 17th, we will announce selections #913 - #501 right here on the KXCI blog, then we'll begin counting down the Top 500 albums on the Early Morning Music Mix.

We'll spin 100 albums a day on the Early Morning Music Mix, Your Morning Brew, The Music Mix, and The Home Stretch. The countdown will conclude with the top albums on Friday's The Home Stretch (March 21st). Along with the #1 album there will be a special announcement that you simply will not want to miss!

This is the largest special programming event in KXCI's almost 25 year history.


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