Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something Makes You Look Wonderful Tonight, Layla

Thursday's One Cup of Java Challenge: On this date in 1979, Eric Clapton wed Patti Boyd, the ex-wife of his good friend George Harrison, here in Tucson. Patti is often cited as the direct inspiration for three very famous rock love songs, one by George and two by Eric. Your challenge this morning - name those songs.

Answer: George Harrison's Something (called the greatest love song of the 20th century by Frank Sinatra) and Clapton's Layla and Wonderful Tonight.

Bonus Blog Trivia: At the end of Layla, Dwayne Allman produced the "crying bird" sound with his guitar, done in tribute to jazz legend Charlie "Bird" Parker. Clapton wrote Wonderful Tonight about waiting for Patti to get ready for a night out while actually waiting for Patti to ready for a night out, specifically they were heading to a Paul McCartney concert. Sinatra often changed the lyrics to Something when he sang it in concert; where originally it read "you stick around now it may show," Frank often sang "you stick around, Jack, she might show." This change was adopted by George Harrison, who used those new lyrics when performing Something on tour.


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