Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Contact Info for Local Participants in the Homelessness Marathon

6pm-6:05 Leslie Carlson is the Impementation Coordinator for the The Plan To End Homelessness for the Tucson Planning Council for the Homeless She can be reached at 520-661-6686 or by email

7pm-7:05 Deborah Dale is the Chief Development Officer of the Primavera Foundation. You can find out about all of the services Primavera offers at or 520-623-5111

8pm-8:05 Brian Flagg is a long time volunteer of the Catholic Social Worker Community, Casa Maria. Casa Maria serves lunch to 600 individuals and 200 families daily in its soup kitchen. More information is available at . Brian can be reached by phone at 520-624-0312 or at 401 E 26th St., Tucson, AZ 85713.

9pm-9:05 Steve Wenzel is a social worker with the Southern Arizona VA in the Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Program (HCHV) Steve can be reached at or 520-629-1839.

10pm-10:05 Larry Munguia is the pastor at the Sober Project, a church that he founded about six years ago. He is also a member of the Meth Free Alliance and is involved with all kinds of positive stuff focusing on people making some type of life recovery efforts. He can be reached at 520.404.6237.

11pm-11:05 Fernando Siqueiros is a student with the Voices 110 Degrees After School Project. More information about this low-income youth project is available at

12am-12:05 Anna Watson Wheeler is the program director for the Primavera Prisoner Re-Entry Project (PREP). More information is available at the and 520-547-3341.

1am-1:05 Michele Keller is a recent Primavera Prisoner Re-Entry Project (PREP) participant. More information about the PREP program is available at 520-547-3341. Michele can be reached at 520-302-3940.

2am-2:05 Tom is a resident at Esperanza en Escalante(EE). Cindy Owen is the supervisor for the Disabled Units at EE. Phyllis Russell is the Executive Director at EE. More information is available at or by phone at 520-571-8294.

3am-3:05 Courtney Jones is Wingspan's Youth Program Coordinator. Wingspan is Southern Arizona's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center. Courtney can be reached at the Eon Youth Center, 520-620-6245 office and 520-954-2344 cell or at

4am-4:05 Fernando Siqueiros Voices 110 Degrees After School Project

See 11pm listing above.

5am-5:05 Deborah Dale is the Chief Development Director for Primavera. More information about Primavera's Home Ownership Program is available at Call 882-5383 to sign up for orientation.

6am-6:05 Brian Flagg Casa Maria

See 8pm listing above.


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