Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Don't Let The Kids See This Post!

Tuesday's One Cup of Java Challenge: A little American history for today’s One Cup of Java Challenge, concerning a certain significant number in our country’s history. The very first number, on January 1st, 1791, was calculated at $75,463,476.52. But on this date in history, January 8th, 1835 – it was calculated at zero, the only day in U.S. history that it has been zero. Today it’s much larger than zero. Your One Cup of Java Challenge: based on the clues provided, what number are we describing, a number that stood at zero exactly 173 years ago today.

Answer: The national debt

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 8am local time today is $9,203,120,473,964.93, or roughly $30,271 per person. Of course, that was as of 8am - to see where the debt is now, keep watching the debt clock spin:

The Gross National Debt


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