Friday, October 19, 2007

Upcoming KXCI Bob Dylan Specials

Each Wednesday starting October 17th, KXCI will air a special one-hour program on the career and legacy of Bob Dylan. These extra-special broadcasts will be in the final hour of The Home Stretch, 5-6pm Wednesday. The specials are hosted by the legendary Patti Smith.

On October 24th, the special is "Like A Rolling Stone." With the mantle of folk protest singer off his shoulders, Bob Dylan launched into a flurry of creativity in the mid-1960s. His sound exploded with electric instruments and a blend of folk, rock, blues and gospel influeneces. By the late 60s, Dylan was singing country music like he had grown up in Nashville. His lyrics still commented on the world, but through a wider lens that mixed personal reflection with mystical and surreal images. In this hour, we'll hear how Dylan found his own unique voice, and how that changed rock and roll for a long time to come. Interviews include Sean Wilentz, George Wein, Roger McGuinn, Anothy DeCurtis, Greil Marcus, John Hiatt, John Cohen, Ray Benson, Josh Ritter, Bill Flanagan and Garth Hudson.


At 5:12 PM, Blogger chrishockenhull said...

great to hear of your show - I wish I could get to hear it here in Liverpool, UK. I love retrospective looks at Bob's career. You may wish to tap into Youtube "Dylan Kids Liverpool 1966" and see short BBC film I did. Best wishes to you and hope I get to hear your shows


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