Friday, October 19, 2007

Two Priests Begin Prison Sentences Anti-Torture Action

Father Louis Vitale, 75 and Father Steve Kelly, 58, on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona, prior to court on Wednesday, Ocotber 17. Photo taken by KXCI Member Lee Stanley.

Here is a link to a brief headline that I produced
on October 18 for Free Speech Radio News. You can
download the headline package to listen.
The headline that I produced is the 3rd one down.
I have been following this case since May.
Amanda Shauger
Here is the text:
Two Priests Begin Prison Sentences Anti-Torture Action

Two Catholic priests have begun serving prison
sentences for protesting against torture at an
military base. Amanda Shauger reports
from Tucson

Fathers Steve Kelly and Louis Vitale each began
serving a five month sentence yesterday for
charges incurred in their November 2006 attempt
to deliver a letter denouncing torture to Major
General Barbara Fast, then commander at Fort
in Arizona. Fast was the Senior U.S.
Army Intelligence officer in Iraq
at the time
of the Abu Ghraib scandal. Fort Huachuca
is home
to the US Army Intelligence Center and School.
The two priests pleaded "no contest" to
trespassing charges and
of failure to
obey an officer after the presiding judge
threw out the possibility of a jury trial
or the use of official documents from the
Abu Graib scandal in their legal defense.
Father Kelly, speaking before the start
of his incarceration:

(clip) "We will keep trying to stop the
teaching and practice of torture whether
we are sent to jail or not. We have done
our part for now. Now it is up to every
woman and man of conscience to do our part
to stop the injustice of torture."
Father Kelly and Father Vitale refused
to negotiate for a supervised release
as it came with conditions that would
have barred their association with any
members of groups that risk arrest as
part of non-violent direct action

For FSRN,I'm Amanda Shauger in Tucson, Arizona

More information about this case is available at

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