Friday, October 26, 2007

Hillstomp - Live@5 - Friday Oct. 26th

Tune in for a Live@5 performance on The Homestretch from Hillstomp, Portland Oregon's Mississippi delta-blues stomp-rock duo. They are on tour in support of their new release, After Two But Before Five, and will be opening for Southern Culture on the Skids at Plush this Friday, Oct. 26th in a KXCI Presents show.
Press info below-

Hillstomp's new album, After Two But Before Five, captures the energy of live performance while introducing new songs in HillstompĀ¹s growing reportoire of "Bucket'n'Slide Rock'n'Roll". Recorded on two nights in Eugene & Portland, Oregon, the CD displays the ferocity of their fans and the electricity their live show.

Drawing heavily from north Mississippi trance blues, a bit from the hills of Appalachia and stealing energy from punkabilly, Portland Oregon duo Hillstomp create a raucous hill country blues stomp with a fiery youth and vigor. It comes clanging and tumbling out of an assortment of vintage mics, buckets, cans and BBQ lids drenched in rambunctious slide guitar.


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