Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Aayyyy! / Tuesday's One Cup question

Tuesday's One Cup of Java Challenge asks you to name the actor, director, and author celebrating his 62nd birthday today. He overcame learning disabilities as a child to earn a Masters degree from Yale, then became a TV star in the 70s, most famous for a supporting role that he won over Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. After that show ended in 1984, he moved on to become a successful director and producer. In the last couple of years, he’s alternated between TV work – most recently playing a lawyer on Arrested Development – and his successful children’s book series, starring the character Hank Zipzer. His most recent book is entitled “Barfing in the Backseat: How I Survived My Family Road Trip.” Your One Cup of Java Challenge question this morning – based on the clues provided, name this now 62-year-old star, whose road trips on television were mostly taken on Steve McQueen’s motorcycle.

Answer: Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie from Happy Days).

Bonus Blog Trivia: The motorcycle from Happy Days had been the same one used for Steve McQueen's triumphant ride in The Great Escape.


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