Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ruby's Roadhouse Round-Up Listeners Picks

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the Ruby's Roadhouse Round-Up: You Pick 'Em We Play 'Em 5-hour broadcast on September 1st.

Special thanks to our event sponsors at Nimbus Brewing Company for their support!

If you didn't catch the top albums in the countdown... or don't remember them... heres the top 20 albums. For a complete list check out Ruby's playlist from September 1st at, continuing on Kidd Squidd's playlist for the same day.

20. George Harrison, All Things Must Pass
19. Dixie Chicks, Taking the Long Way
18. Ry Cooder, Get Rhythm
17. Emmylou Harris, At The Ryman
16. Simon & Garfunkel, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

15. Calexico, Garden Ruin
14. Little Feat, Feats Don't Fail Me Now
13. Ray Charles, Anthology
12. Hank Williams, 40 Greatest Hits
11. Los Lobos, Just Another Band From East L.A.

10. O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack
9. The Band, Greatest Hits
8. kd Lang, Absolute Torch and Twang
7. Bob Dylan, Modern Times
6. Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels On a Gravel Road

5. Tom Waits, The Heart of Saturday Night
4. Patsy Cline, Patsy Cline Story
3. Johnny Cash, 16 Biggest Hits
2. Lyle Lovett, The Road to Ensenada
1. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


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