Wednesday, September 19, 2007

KXCI Presents: Animal Collective -@ The Rialto Theatre 9/20

This Thursday evening, September 20th, KXCI presents Animal Collective at The Rialto Theatre.
How can you describe Animal Collective? With every new record you hold your breath. Their early records pulled each other apart in a kaleidoscope of ideas. Sung Tongs leapt out of the speakers full of sophisticated, primitive campfire hollers and harmonies. Feels was more mysterious and celestial, more introverted. Their respective solo projects became both adored and debated. Strawberry Jam, their Domino Records debut, however feels like space dust and radar falling on the desert and making it bloom. It was recorded right here in Tucson at Wavelab Studios and the band will be swinging through town Thursday night for a special performance. Scott Colburn, the producer behind the record opens the show with his own band, Wizard Prison, at 8pm.


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