Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Can Brown Do For Our One Cup Question?

Tuesday's One Cup of Java Challenge: Today is the 100th anniversary of UPS. The company was founded on this date in 1907 by then 19-year-old Jim Casey of Seattle with a $100 borrowed from a friend. Our One Cup of Java Challenge question this morning deals with a recent event in UPS history. In 2004, the company announced that they had developed new software to help their drivers avoid something that wastes gas, wastes time, and puts them at increased risk for accidents. Our One Cup question this morning: what does the software help UPS drivers to avoid whenever possible? If you think you have the right answer, call now, 622-5924.

Answer: The software helps UPS drivers avoid turning left whenever possible.

Bonus Blog Trivia: In 1907 the majority of UPS's shipments involved delivering opium, which to be fair, was legal at the time.


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