Monday, July 30, 2007

Newest Public Service Messages

SOLAR TOUR. Want to reduce your utility bills? The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is offering day-long tours on solar energy on August 18th and 25th. You’ll visit energy efficient homes and learn about solar incentives. The tour includes a solar-oven cooked Sonoran lunch. To register or for more information call 883-3030.

REFUGEE HELP. You can help refugees resettling in Tucson. Individuals and families from Africa and Southeast Asia need your help learning English and understanding our customs to become more self-sufficient in our community. This is a great opportunity for you to gain a fantastic cross-cultural experience! Learn more about volunteer opportunities by contacting Kelly at Jewish Family and Children’s Service, 795-0300, extension 253, or visit

ENERGY HOGS. Do you have energy hogs in your home? Wherever energy gets wasted, the energy hogs are there. To find out how you can fight energy hogs, visit You’ll find fun, games and tips on making your home more energy efficient.


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