Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Michael Hyatt of Route 66 Takes an Historic Road Trip

On June 13th, KXCI's Michael Hyatt of Route 66 will join 100 immigrants who are traveling by train all across America to tell the stories of their American dream. You can follow them and their journeys. More important, you can tell the world your own immigrant story, or your parents’, or grandparents’, right here, in text, or by video.

Michael Hyatt's new book Migrant Artifacts: Magic and Loss in the Sonoran Desert bears witness to one of the world’s most dangerous journeys – the migratory passage of thousands of undocumented workers north across the Arizona-Sonora border. Michael Hyatt’s unsettling perspective frames the perilous trek through images of things left behind – artifacts of a journey that has become one of the most controversial issues in today’s national and international political debate. Hyatt’s stark black-and-white photographs – a child’s sun-bleached dress, an American Eagle backpack lying on the parched earth, an abandoned religious icon, a copy of El Diaro de Ana Frank with the pages blowing in the desert wind – tell a poignant story of the people who have hazarded this often fatal trip. The faces are unseen, yet these unforgettable images show us a vibrant humanity in the discarded remnants of desperate lives even as we confront the brooding mystery of a fate unknown.

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Michael Hyatt will be having a book signing at Bohemia, 299 S. Park Avenue Tucson, AZ 85719 on Saturday June 23 from 7pm-9pm. A map is abailable here.

Music will be provided by Pablo a high-energy, passionate singer-songwriter, originally from Ambos Nogales, playing unique Latin and rock and roll fusions. Currently, he is working on a collection of songs about border issues, especially the migrant experience, entitled “Borrowed Time.” Pablo volunteers with and donates performances to Humane Borders, Samaritans, and No More Deaths. He is featured on a recent compilation, “Mercy on the Arizona Migrant Trail, Tucson Songwriters Respond to the Human Crisis on the Mexican Border” produced by Michael Hyatt.


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