Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mick Nicked Over Songs Picked / One Cup Of Java Challenge

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Today's One Cup question: On this date in 1963, a soon-to-be famous band known for its songwriting recorded its first songs - both covers. One was a cover of Chuck Berry's "Come On," the other a cover of Willie Dixon's "I Want To Be Loved." While the band would eventually release versions of both songs later, their initials efforts were both rejected by their record label. Your One Cup question this morning - based on the clues provided, name this famous band, which to date has landed at least 22 songs on the Billboard pop Top 10.

One Cup answer: The Rolling Stones

Bonus Blog Trivia: In 2004, the Stones were selected at #4 in Rolling Stone magazines list of the "The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time," behind only the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Elvis and ahead of the first artist they covered, Chuck Berry at #5.


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