Monday, May 14, 2007

Frank Sinatra Trivia / One Cup Of Java Challenge

Today's One Cup of Java Challenge: Today’s One Cup question deals with the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, who died 9 years ago today at the age of 82. He had made his last public singing performance on February 25th, 1995, and the song that he closed that final show with is also the song title inscribed on his headstone. Your One Cup question this morning – to name that song, whose title suggests that Frank was planning a few gigs in heaven.

Answer: The Best Is Yet To Come. The image shown here is from

Bonus Blog Trivia: Among the items that Sinatra is purported to have been buried with include a flask of Jack Daniels, a Zippo lighter, a roll of dimes, a packet of cigarettes and a note from his daughter Tina. Eulogies at the funeral were given by Gregory Peck, Tony Bennett, and Frank Jr.


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