Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Debra Winger, Phone Home / One Cup Of Java Challenge

Today’s One Cup of Java Challenge asks you to name the famous actress turning 52 today. Born on this date in 1955 in Cleveland, this actress is almost as famous for the roles she didn’t play as for the roles she has taken. She turned down the female leads in Peggy Sue Got Married, Broadcast News, Bull Durham, The Fabulous Baker Boys and A League Of Their Own. She has appeared on screen several times with her now ex-husband Timothy Hutton and her current husband, Arliss Howard. Her several year disappearance from films was the subject of a documentary about ageism in Hollywood. Your One Cup question this morning – based on the clues provided, name this now 52 year old actress, who got her start on TV playing Lynda Carter’s younger sister on “Wonder Woman.”

One Cup Answer: Debra Winger

Bonus Blog Trivia: Winger was the uncredited voice of E.T. in that film.

Bonus Blog Trivia #2: Winger so hated her time on "Wonder Woman" that she spent more than her salary on lawyers trying to get out of her contract.

Bonus Blog Trivia #3: Despite turning down lead roles in two of the most famous baseball movies of all time, Winger must be a baseball fan: her son with Arliss Howard is named Babe Ruth.


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