Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Brief History Of Spam / One Cup Of Java Challenge

Your One Cup of Java Challenge question: On this date in 1979, an employee of the Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC, used a new form of technology to send a sales proposal to about 400 people on the West Coast, even though they hadn’t asked him to. Your One Cup of Java Challenge this morning, which promises to cure all that ails you, grow hair and make you rich – what was that DEC employee the first person to do, 28 years ago today?

One Cup answer: He sent the first "spam" or unsolicited e-mail message.

Bonus Blog Trivia: The use of "spam" to mean unsolicited junk e-mail derives from the famous 1970 Monty Phython TV skit in which Spam is included in virtually every item on the menu. The word Spam is uttered at least 132 times in the 3 1/2 minute bit. This skit is actually now reenacted by local actors almost every day at the Spam museum in Minnesota.


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