Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Amanda Shauger produces Migrant Trail segment for Free Speech Radio News

I am delighted to report that I produced a
4 minute feature for Free Speech Radio
News today, Wednesday May 30th about what
I observed on the first Day of the Migrant
Trail. Here is a link to the program that
my piece aired on. You can down load
the program if you would like to from
this website. The Migrant Trail piece is
the last one of the program.
This story will be archived indefinitely.

Also, there was a great picture from the Migrant
Trail on the front page of the website
that should be up today, May 30th until tomorrow,
May 31. The picture was taken by Scott Griessel.
I did a quick web search and it turns out he
posted a bunch of pictures from the Migrant Trail
on his flckr site. There's even a couple of pictures
of me, trailing behind the walkers with a Franciscan
encouraging me to get a ride in one of the shuttles.

This is the third year that I have attended the first day
of this event. I easily walked the 5 miles the last two
years, but for some reason, the heat really hit me hard this
year. It was "only" in the 90s and there was 20-30 mph gusts
of wind. I just couldn't drink enough water. I felt kind
of off just from driving to Sasabe in my Buick without air

I didn't even really realize that I was the last one walking
until the Franciscan brother told me. I sort of thought that
there were a few other stragglers further back than me, but
he insisted that they had all gotten rides to where the rest of
the walkers were. The walkers stop every mile and a half or so
to refill their water or eat snacks with electrolytes. So,
I thought maybe it would be a good idea after all to catch a
ride in one of the support vehicles. Even after a brief ride in an
air conditioned vehicle and drinking water, I just didn't feel
refreshed. I got out and watched the support team prepare
the next stop and then I decided to lay down in the van and I dozed.
Finally, when we drove to the final camping spot for the
evening and the sun had dropped a wee bit, I perked up.

If I were a migrant that day without the level of support that
the folks on the Migrant Trail have, I would have been toast.
I had access to water and a ride and I still felt pretty wiped
out. It was a real eye and heart opener.

You can see the walkers conclude their pilgrimage at 11:30 Sunday,
June 3 at Ramada #3 at Kennedy Park near Mission and Ajo.

For the walk itinerary visit

For more information call 520.770.1373 or write

I hope that you are all well,

Amanda Shauger
Producer 30 Minutes


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

More! This is the stuff we should be doing more of. Fantastic, Amanda.

Imagine doing that journey already in debt to your "agent" and that you have left your family behind. Because you can't obtain some official piece of paper.


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