Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Tommy" Film Trivia / One Cup of Java Challenge

Today's One Cup question: Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the release of a famous 1975 film that might have starred – but didn’t star – David Bowie, Christopher Lee, Peter Sellers and Rod Stewart, and might have been – but wasn’t – directed by George Lucas. Your One Cup question – to name this movie, whose tagline was “Your senses will never be the same.”

One Cup answer: Tommy, starring Oliver Reed, Ann-Margret, and Roger Daltrey (seen here).

Bonus Blog Trivia: David Bowie was considered for The Acid Queen (later played by Tina Turner). Christopher Lee was wanted for The Doctor, but was out of the country. In London at the time, Jack Nicholson filmed the part in 18 hours. Peter Sellers had also been considered for The Doctor. Rod Stewart, who had played The Pinball Wizard on stage in London, was talked out of taking the film role by Elton John - who took it instead. George Lucas was approached to direct but opted to proceed instead with filming "American Graffiti."


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