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Jeremy Scahill Booksigning - April 25th

To benefit KXCI 91.3 and Access Tucson: Jeremy Scahill, author of "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" will be at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church for a speaking engagement and booksigning on Wednesday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m.

KXCI and Access Tucson independent producer Quynn Elizabeth, author of "Accepting the Ashes: A Daughter's Look at PTSD" will open the show.

A booksigning for both authors will be immediately after the speaking event.

$5.00 at the door; proceeds support Access Tucson and KXCI 91.3FM.

St. Mark's is located at 3809 E. 3rd Street.

For more information please call 520-409-9900 or visit: www.kxci.org.

For more information about Jeremy Scahill and "Blackwater" please visit: www.blackwaterbook.com
For more information about Quynn Elizabeth and "Accepting the Ashes" please visit: www.acceptingtheashes.net

About Jeremy Scahill:
Jeremy Scahill is a Polk Award-winning investigative journalist. He is a frequent contributor to The Nation magazine, and a correspondent for the national radio and television show Democracy Now! Scahill has reported extensively from Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Nigeria. He is currently a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute.
"Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" is his first book.

About "Blackwater":
It was the moment the war turned: On March 31, 2004, four Americans were ambushed and burned near their jeeps by an angry mob in the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah. Their charred corpses were hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River. The ensuing slaughter by U.S. troops would fuel the fierce Iraqi resistance that haunts occupation forces to this day. But these men were neither American military nor civilians. They were highly trained private soldiers sent to Iraq by a secretive mercenary company based in the wilderness of North Carolina.

Meet Blackwater USA, the powerful private army that the U.S. government has quietly hired to operate in international war zones and on American soil. Its contacts run from deep inside the military and intelligence agencies to the upper echelons of the White House. Blackwater is the elite Praetorian Guard for the “global war on terror,” with its own military base, a fleet of twenty aircraft, and 20,000 private contractors at the ready. Run by a multimillionaire Christian conservative who bankrolls President Bush and his allies, its forces are capable of overthrowing governments, and yet most people have never heard of Blackwater.

This book is the unauthorized story of the epic rise of one of the most powerful and secretive forces to emerge from the U.S. military-industrial complex. It traces Blackwater’s beginnings in 1996, with visionary executives opening a private military training camp “to fulfill the anticipated demand for government outsourcing”; to its secret deployment in Afghanistan following 9/11; to the blood-soaked streets of Fallujah and a fierce gun battle in Muqtada al-Sadr’s stronghold of Najaf. The story races from Blackwater’s expedition to the oil-rich Caspian Sea to set up a military base miles from Iran; to New Orleans, where its forces patrolled the hurricane-ravaged streets; to the chambers of power in Washington, D.C., where Blackwater executives are welcomed as new heroes in the war on terror. The administration hails Blackwater as a revolution in military affairs; others see its rise as nothing less than a dire threat to American democracy.

Advance praise for "Blackwater:
“Jeremy Scahill’s exposé of the Blackwater mercenary firm forcefully demonstrates the grave dangers of outsourcing the government’s monopoly on the use of force.”
--Joseph Wilson, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

“Jeremy Scahill skillfully chronicles the birth of America's frightening Praetorian Guard, one that has been unleashed--25,000-strong--in Iraq. These hired guns, with their black uniforms and automatic weapons, appeared on the streets of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. They operate, at home and abroad, beyond the bounds of legal constraints and are controlled by secretive puppet masters, such as Erik Prince, who have close ties to the radical Christian Right. Should our nation enter a period of instability following another terrorist attack on American soil, an economic collapse or a series of environmental disasters the tyranny that groups such as Blackwater impose on others could become the tyranny they impose on us. The rise of this unchecked mercenary force, as Scahill understands, could presage the final stage in the collapse of American democracy.”
--Chris Hedges, former New York Times Middle East Bureau Chief

“If the Republicans lose in 2008, they will leave office armed and dangerous. Blackwater is the utterly gripping and explosive story of how the Bush Administration has spent hundreds of millions of public dollars building a parallel corporate army, an army so loyal to far right causes it constitutes nothing less than a Republican Guard. The most important and chilling book about the death throes of U.S. democracy you will read in years and a triumph of investigative reporting.”
--Naomi Klein, author No Logo

"Of all the insane Bush privatization efforts, none is more frightening than the corporatizing of military combat forces. Jeremy Scahill admirably exposes a devastating example of this sinister scheme."
--Michael Moore, Academy Award Winning Director

This engrossing investigative piece exposing, in shocking detail, a U.S. government-outsourced Frankenstein replete with helicopter gun ships may leave you incredulous. But you better believe it, for it poses a grave and gathering danger to the future of our Republic."
--Ray McGovern, CIA veteran and former intelligence briefer for George H. W. Bush

“In this terrifying and thrillingly written book, Jeremy Scahill introduces us to the shape of things to come, and to the kind of people and corporations who are likely to govern our lives if we don't do something about it pretty quickly.”
--Arundhati Roy, author The God of Small Things

“Jeremy Scahill's comprehensive research and reporting lifts the veil off the ever-tightening relationship between the federal government and unaccountable private military corporations such as Blackwater USA. . . .”
--U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

"From Belgrade to Baghdad, from Nigeria to New Orleans, Jeremy Scahill leads a new generation of muckraking journalists. With trademark courage and conviction, Scahill is exposing the dark, violent and secretive world of the neo-mercenaries Washington is increasingly deploying in its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and at home in the US. This is an explosive book!"
--Amy Goodman, Host, Democracy Now!

About Quynn Elizabeth and "Accepting the Ashes":
Quynn Elizabeth is the daughter of a two-time Viet Nam war combat veteran.
Due to her father's experiences in war he struggled with Post Traumatic Stress, heart sadness and alcoholism all his adult life, even though he was not formally diagnosed with PTSD until 1992.

After his death Quynn realized that veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will go through some version of what her father experienced, and so many families will again be affected by symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

Quynn's book and audio book are now being used by over a dozen Veteran's Administration chaplain offices around the country, as well as a growing number of National Guard Family Readiness offices to help veterans and their families reintegrate into civilian life.

In "Accepting the Ashes" Quynn shares her family's personal story so that another generation of loved ones and veterans who are fighting right now might not have to wait 30 years to heal their painful feelings from participating in war.

Praise for "Accepting the Ashes":
"I commend Quynn Elizabeth for taking the time and effort to prepare this very helpful little resource for the spouses and families of our veterans. I FIND THE AUTHOR'S DESCRIPTION OF THE STRUGGLES OF COMBAT VETERANS WITH THE SYMPTOMS OF PTSD TO BE VERY ACCURATE."
A. Keith Ethridge, M.Div, BCC, ACPE CPE Supervisor
Deputy Director
National Chaplain Center

“The author has written a CLEAR AND CONCISE BOOK grounded in her experience with her father and her research into this important subject. Veterans with PTSD tell me that it is an effective tool to help them explain their diagnosis to their loved ones. The book keeps increasing in popularity here as the word spreads among our veterans. I heartily recommend this book to VA chaplains and other VA staff who work with veterans who have PTSD. It can be a wonderful aid to your work.”
Chaplain Michael Gillespie
VA Roseburg, Oregon Healthcare System

“THIS STORY IS MAGNIFICENT! Ms. Elizabeth said so much in so short a time. As an Army priest chaplain retiree after almost 27 years of active duty and five months in Somalia I can relate to your story. Now, I serve as a VA Chaplain and have been using this book and cd to help the Vermont National Guard wives and parents prepare for the return of their loved ones from Iraq.”
Ch. (Col) Joseph O’Keeffe, U.S. Army, Ret.
White River Junction, Vermont

"I have read the book and I DEEPLY APPRECIATE THE APPROACH."
Rev. Herman Keizer, Jr.
Director Chaplaincy Ministries Christian Reformed Church

"AS MY HUSBAND SAYS, "the smell of death never leaves your mind". The guilt is horrific. He has to choose to forgive himself. "Accepting the Ashes" is beautiful, Thank you."
A Loving Wife of a Previous War


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