Wednesday, April 18, 2007

French Military Heroes / One Cup Of Java Challenge

Today's One Cup of Java Challenge question, heard at 8:20am on Your Morning Brew:
On this date in 1915, the French pilot that many people consider to be the world’s first fighter pilot was shot down and captured in Germany. He’d later escape from his prisoner of war camp, rejoin the French military, and fly more missions before being shot down and killed in 1918. Your One Cup of Java Challenge this morning – to name this French military hero, the world’s first fighter pilot. One very good clue: in his honor, the French named their most famous tennis facility after him.

Your One Cup Answer: Roland Garros (Roland Garros Stadium is home to the French Open).

Bonus Blog Trivia: Garros is NOT the world's first fighter ace. That distinction requires 5 downed enemy planes; Garros is credited with three. His fellow Frenchmen Adolphe Pegoud holds that distinction, having downed six aircraft in World War I.


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