Friday, April 27, 2007

Apostle Of Hustle - Live@5 - Friday 4/27

Hailing from the indie scene of Montreal, Apostle Of Hustle stop by KXCI's Studio 2A for a performance on The Homestretch. Touring behind their new release National Anthem Of Nowhere on Arts & Crafts, the band will be opening for Andrew Bird in a KXCI sponsored show at The Rialto Theatre, Friday April 27th. Guitarist Andrew Whiteman from Brocken Social Scene heads up Apostle of Hustle, a band that grew out of his visits to Cuba and has taken on a life of it's own- creative and eclectic indie rock.

"Andrew Whiteman created the atmospheric post-rock/experimental sound of Apostle of Hustle in 2001. Whiteman returned to his native Toronto to resume writing and recording with Broken Social Scene after a two-month stay with his godmother's family in Cuba. He learned to play the tres, a Cuban guitar, during that time. But in the midst of making the Juno Award-winning You Forgot It in People album, Whiteman couldn't escape the Spanish musical flavors of his time spent in El Barrio Santo Suarez. In order to make his fascination come to life, two of his fellow bandmates, Julian Brown and Dean Stone, joined Whiteman for what would become the cinematic, Latin-tinged portrait of Apostle of Hustle. Folkloric Feel was released on Arts & Crafts in late summer 2004. Unlike for their debut, which was put together during breaks from BSS touring, the band was able to spend more time on their follow-up, enlisting the help of percussionist Daniel Stone as well as Stars members Evan Cranley and Chris Seligman, among others. The album, National Anthem of Nowhere, came out in the first part of 2007." (All Music)


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