Monday, March 05, 2007

International Women's Day Programming Bigger Than Just One Day

Production is humming along at International Women's Day central here at KXCI. The core of the programming will take place from 5am-6pm Thursday, March 8. We'll be featuring women programmers, music by women, herstories and interviews of influential women.

I am delighted to report that we have additional International Women's Day supporters who will be devoting their programs to the cause by featuring women artists in their particular genre.

Tuesday, March 6 from 10-12pm Rosie's Rhythm Room will be sure to feature fine female music with your host The Roze Lady.

Wednesday, March 7 from 4am-5pm, Mele O Hawai'i will feature women artists of Hawaii courtesy of John Putnam.

Wednesday, March 7 from 6-8pm, Onda Suave will feature musica by latinas and a live interview by Ernesto Portillo, Jr.

Ron Cipriani from The Vinyl Frontier says, "I usually play quite a few women artists on my show and since The Vinyl Frontier is on March 8th from 2 to5 am, I can get on the band wagon also. It would be a pleasure."

Thursday, March 8 from 9-11pm, Scott Denton will be playing music by women on Halftime at the Apocalypse.

Dave Bizzo says, "Women will step to the forefront this week on the Medicine Cabinet! YES!" Thursday, March 8 at 11pm until Friday, March 9 at 1am.

Saturday, March 10 from 6am-8am IWD programming will be continued on Saturday's Breakfast Café, where Cactus Cathy will play the music of "The Women I Love" and welcome Tucsonan writer and social activist Lisa Hopper of WorldCare as her guest.


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