Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hillary, Barack & Johnny Cash / One Cup Of Java Challenge

Thursday's One Cup of Java Challenge: There’s news out today that Al Gore, who couldn’t claim the White House but has since claimed an Oscar, is now going to receive an honorary Emmy award for his contributions to television. He’ll need to get nominated for reading one of his books, though, if he expects to ever pick up a Grammy. Two men who did serve as U.S. presidents have won the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word. Bill Clinton was one, for reading his autobiography My Life. Your One Cup question this morning – to name the other former president to win a Grammy, who won for reading something other than his autobiography.

One Cup Answer: Jimmy Carter won earlier this year for reading Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis. Carter is pictured here during his Navy years.

Bonus Blog Trivia: Carter actually tied for the award; he shared this year's Grammy with Ruby Dee and the late Ossie Davis for their Ossie and Ruby: In This Life Together.

Bonus Blog Trivia #2: Other winners of the Best Spoken Word Grammy include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Johnny Cash, Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, Al Franken, Magic Johnson, Gilda Radner, Orson Welles and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



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