Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frank Zappa Meets The Care Bears / One Cup of Java

Tuesday's One Cup of Java Challenge question, heard weekdays on Your Morning Brew at 8:20AM:

Forty years today The Turtles were on the top of the Billboard pop singles charts for the first and only time in their career. The band was Happy Together with the #1 song of the same name - but would break up a few years and a few lesser hits later. The group's two lead singers, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, joined Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, but also recorded five albums as a famous duo. Your One Cup question this morning - out of the shell of The Turtles (pun intended), what was the name of Mark and Howard's duo, which recorded albums like Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening?

Your One Cup answer: Flo & Eddie

Bonus Blog Trivia: In addition to their work with Zappa and as Flo & Eddie, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan did musical work for children's television programs like Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears!



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