Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CD Review - Kevin Pakulis "Mockingbird Radio"

Review of Local Artist: Kevin Pakulis
CD: "Mockingbird Radio" on San Jacinto Records, 2007
CD Release Party: March 10th @ The Boondocks

It starts out with a bite, and closes with a soft finish,
just like a fine wine. Ahh, but this is better than fine...
it's 41 1/2 minutes and 10 cuts of well composed lyrics.
It's full of depth. It's gritty, yet gentle. It's rootsy 'n bluzy
with elements of soul, americana, and inspiration. It's downright
Wonderful! Kevin has still got his groove on! and he does a great
job with his "lines and rhymes".

The thread of southwestern flavors from his debut CD ("Yeah, Yeah,
Yeah) is carried over. Not to mention the same, talented back-up
band (Duncan, Ralph, and LarryLee) along with a few additional players:
Bo Ramsey does some fine slide guitar ("Minuteman"); Dante Rosano
blows some tasty trumpet ("Minuteman") and just the right amount
of squeeze-box from Gary Mackender ("Mother's Day").

Kevin spends 4 mins+ on a message to the "Minuteman"...along with
that comes his personal 'war is not the answer' msg directed to the
President including the Chorus of Discontents belting out "YOU don't
get it"! It's a strong sentiment.
As I mentioned earlier, this CD is tough, yet tender...and full of depth.
Damn, it's good!

Kevin, Congratulations on this accomplishment.

RoseLady, "Rosie's Rhythm Room" roselady@kxci.org
~~ 10 p.m.-12 p.m. on Twangin'Tuesdays

also visit kevinpakulis.com for more info.


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