Thursday, February 08, 2007

Free Download of Ghost Rider Available

Local Tucson author and KXCI fan Jonathan Lowe has a new work, Ghost Rider, available now as a free download at

The book, not to be confused with the new Nicolas Cage movie "Ghost Rider," is available at

"In one story, a man rides an offroad motorcycle among the ghost towns of Southern Arizona, searching for clues to his grandfather's legacy. In another, a wimp buys a Harley to spite his mother-in-law, then rides to meet his destiny at an abandoned Titan missile base in the desert. Next, a former playboy faces a woman's revenge at his class reunion, and a bachelor living near the Mexican border acquires a family he never expected, thanks to a portal that opens--not to Mexico--but to another world! These previously published mystery & science fiction stories, plus novel excerpts from Fame Island, Awakening Storm, and Postmarked for Death are here offered as a FREE download, so hop on for a free ride as a passenger of the "Ghost Rider" today!"


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