Monday, January 22, 2007

KXCI Wins Food Bank Challenge

Through January 10th, various non-profits in Southern Arizona competed in the Community Food Bank's Holiday Harvest Tournament, collecting canned goods and cash to help provide for the hungry in our community. The friendly competition had two categories: most cash donations and most canned goods donations (in pounds donated).

Your Community Radio KXCI was partnered with Trinity Presbyterian Church on Team Green Beans - and we won!

We'll actually be splitting the honor with Tean Navy Beans (Shalom Mennonite Fellowship and Holy Way Presbyterian) for bringing in the most money in cash donations.

Team Potatoes (Fred Acosta Job Corps Center) took the honor for most food donations, bringing in over 1000 pounds of canned goods! According to the Food Bank, "Team Green Beans brought in many hundreds of pounds as well."

Overall, the tournament brought in more than four thousand pounds of food (a thousand pounds more than last year's tournament) and over three thousand dollars (compared to $1300 last year), meaning the biggest winners of this tournament were our local families in need.

On behalf of the Food Bank and our Green Beans cohorts with Trinity Presbyterian Church, we want to thank everyone who donated to help meet this need in our community.

You can still give - to learn more, visit

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